Innovative NFT trading market FistNFT completes $15 million financing

According to news, FistNFT, an innovative Web 3.0-based NFT marketplace, has raised $15 million. The round was led by MuhabbitCapital, Moonwhale Ventures, and led by StarfishOS, Pullperks VC, Fusion Capital, and others. According to official information, the money will be mainly used to build the platform and set up a special ecological support fund.

FistNFT is an innovative NFT trading market based on Web 3.0. It will initially be deployed on the BNB Chain and will be cross-chain deployed in Etherum, Polygan, SOLANA, etc, in the future. FistNFT will enable users to cast, display, trade, and auction NFT and other processes with ease. In addition, FistNFT will aggregate global top IP to achieve non-homogeneous authentication of mass, entertainment, and other subcultures. By collecting world-famous IP for NFT output, FistNFT will bring hundreds of millions of cross-circle users into the growing NFT ecosystem.

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