Watch Beauty of Weihai International Bathing Beach, Enjoy Romance of Coastal City Between Mountains and Sea

The International Bathing Beach represents the “blue spokesman” of Weihai, and a long-standing idea is that a film worthy of her charm can be made. In the spring of this year when the opportunity allowed, we set out to make the film. We spent the whole summer and the whole autumn filming and producing the work. We waited with the sea for the sunniest day and the most beautiful night for many hours and days. Countless shootings and refinements carry the hope that all the most vivid details of this vast azure, and all the styles, fashions, romances and dynamism, can enter into the most exquisite shots. Frames with the smoothness of silks and satins, are inscribed with our deepest love and affection. The autumn breeze has taken away the summer heat, while the longing for the sea has just kicked off.

If you come to Weihai for a small break,

make sure that you fall asleep amid the breath of the vast sea –

So it’s better for you to stay in one of the colorful houses by the sea.

At the end of Huoju 8 Street,

you don’t always meet someone around the corner.

But I’m sure you will

meet the azure in your dream.

Standing on the top, you can see countless people and vehicles, as well as the mountains and the sea with beauty and charm.

By the sea, you can enjoy the wind blow. Bright sails curved into the most beautiful arc, sails towards the vast distance.

The breeze and the waves never stop singing a harmonious song. The deep ocean waters and shallow ones constitute a painting of gold and turquoise.

With barefoot, you run towards the oceans of stars. The gentle waves chase your footprints again and again. The feeling of the sea has been embedded in your childhood memories ever since.

It seems that diamonds are scattered into the sea, and stars fall into the earth. The waves of delight record this moment of brushes.

You act crazily beneath the sails, while my eyes are decorated with boundless charm.

Above the brilliantly woven clouds, the winding Huanhai Road is presented in full view. Also, the ten-mile long beach, the ancient reefs and the century-old fishing villages…are also unfolded. You gallop at full speed along the Huanhai Road, and take in the wind and watch the sea all the way. You feel free and at ease.

The land ends in the place where the sea begins. I come from the sea, with waves full of sleeves. By the way, I take a handful of gentle sea breeze to home.

Dusk meets a sea of orange by chance.

You can get on your electric motorcycle and drive towards the sunset glow.

The strong color in the remotest place swirls away on the surface of the sea.

At the end of the day,

your “Flipped” will surely be played.

In the middle of the night, the brightness of stars will dive into your room.

Day and night here are stretched out.

If sea birds fly past your eyes

and the waves splash to your windowsill,

that means Weihai is confessing to you.

We say gently some deep words…

I’m waiting for you by the sea!

Hi, Weihai West Coast.

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