Trading Bibox contract becomes the new trend to financial freedom

On October 20th, BTC broke through the new high again and above 67,000 USD. Bitcoin created its own miracles and has become a trend that affects the world’s currency payments.

As the market turns up, many wealth-chasing users have joined the CFD trading market and look forward to participation. According to Bibox data, the 24-hour U-text perpetual contract trading volume has been above US$14 billion. So, how did Bibox gain users’ favor in such a short period of time?

【Taking on the needs of users as own duty】

Bibox has been deeply thinking about what customer truly needs, such as zero overnight fees, contract insurance, and betting against users which have been widely used by many market makers. Many platforms attract customers to participate through these virtual concepts, but these are not what customers really need.

Trading Bibox contract becomes the new trend to financial freedom

Totaling 17 trading pairs were launched on the Bibox U standard contract. Although the number of currency pair is not covering all yet, Bibox will conduct a genuine evaluation of each online trading pair.  Whether it is a stand-alone currency, strong currency or even model currency, it will withstand multiple rounds of review from the initial to launch. We are well aware that it is not easy for users to make profits in the contract market, so Bibox will never go online with any single extremely risky currency.

Bibox also introduced a one-click copy function, thus inexperienced users can easily to be profitable by following. Bibox selects high-quality traders to ensure that the data is true, transparent and reliable. At the same time, Bibox has always adhered to its original aspiration. Unlike other platforms, Bibox pioneered the fund manager’s single mode. Even under extreme market conditions, there will be no delays or lag. Providing different profit schemes for users at different stages, so that users can truly make profit.

【Top 5 active contract users】

According to MyToken data, Bibox is currently ranked at tenth globally, and it keeps growing steadily. From the launch of the perpetual contract in 2019 to the present, it took just over a year for Bibox to reach the top 5 volume of active users. It is not surprising that Bibox can occupy the top ten market share in the contract market. In 2020, the cryptocurrency market has been in a downturn after the bullish period. One year later, Bibox took the lead in seizing the market opportunity by virtue of the user friendly interface and powerful functions of the U-standard perpetual contract. At the same time, it has a group of loyal users of its own. With the update and iteration of the version, the new functions such as the warehouse split function, stop profit and stop loss functions, and the quantitative tool have all received unanimous praise from users.

For most of users, the migration cost of switching platforms is not high, but the problem is how to solve the entry barrier for new users and how to improve user stickiness. The solution here is to provide users with a one-stop service to make customer service more considerate with welfare, and easier transaction experience. Bibox has put efforts in educating new users by producing a large number of graphics and video materials, and a 24-hour online customer service to assist.

[The remarkable Bibox’s globalization strategy]

Bibox has been looking for the global market since its very start. In 2018, Bibox was officially launched in Europe and connected to a number of Swiss banks. It also obtained equity investments from the top ten market value international renowned banks. This means that Bibox is well recognized on a global scale, and it also means that the globalization strategy starts from then on.

Bibox has over ten million registered users worldwide, in which 90% of total are overseas users and the number is steadily increasing. Bibox earned a good reputation among a wide range of overseas users. Moreover, it is not difficult to find in many social platforms that Bibox is always mentioned when talking about digital assets, and it is also a platform recommended by many international KOLs. For example, when searching for digital assets and related keywords on Youtube, Bibox’s videos are also at the forefront. Bibox has established operation centers in the United States, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, and other places, and is also seeking new forms of cooperation to initiate compliance operations.

The activity is being processed right now :

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