Sophon – Exploring the infinite possibilities of NFT

NFT has been a hot topic in the past two years, but NFT itself is also subject to various controversies, and one view is that it does not make any sense. In NFT circles circulate such a stunt: I can save this image with a right click, why do you have to spend so much money to buy? The collapse of some NFT projects has engraved the concept of “NFT is JPG” in the minds of many people.

From the project introduction, Sophon NFT is a joint initiative of Nation3, AiGuild DAO, Spark Union, Love DAO, TigerVC DAO and other native Web3 autonomous organizations for an NFT co-governance protocol — Sophon NFT Protocol, whose team is composed of the world’s top artificial intelligence experts, automation experts, senior game design engineers, cryptography underlay experts and other geeks. The line-up of partner organizations in the official announcement is also quite strong. 

The core of the project is to use Sophon NFT as the entrance ticket to the Web3 ecology built by this powerful co-governance organization, linking different application ecologies through NFT, and supporting different Web3 projects to customize different attributes to govern different ecologies to achieve continuous accumulation of value. It is a cohesive and exclusive community, and Sophon NFT is the most intuitive and important entry credential. Such a feature also makes NFT part of the DAO infrastructure, which can be a POAP (Proof-of-Attendance Protocol), used as a unique badge of entry and participation in the community co-build.

In addition to the identity given to members by the community, Sophon NFTs themselves can also shape personal identity, and more and more online behaviors and achievements will be presented as NFTs in the future. They are not only a tool for recording digital property, but also a tool for recording digital behavior, “self-presentation in daily life” and “impression management”. Of course, as far as most NFTs are concerned at this stage, the identity carried by NFTs is still rather one-sided and more often than not just a symbol of wealth, but Sophon’s vision is to map all aspects of real life into the Web3 world and make NFTs a window to establish and showcase oneself in social life to a greater extent.

Sophon NFT has designed a set of reasonable revenue system, after having Sophon NFT, users can choose to activate the ecological application scenarios they want to participate in, and get different rewards through different revenue models, and no matter choose any application scenarios under Sophon ecology, they can get a generous ecological incentive, truly allowing users to achieve “X To Earn”.

Sophon NFT hair total of 9999, and divided into four rarity, and bigtimes tickets similar to the issue price of 0.15eth to 1eth ranging, different levels of NFT specific corresponding rights and interests have not been disclosed, and the first phase seems to be only issued Genesis NFT, the specific time and number of issues have not been announced, but should be issued within the month.

SophonNFT’s V1 roadmap has also been released in overseas social media, and it is understood that Sophon NFT will continue to cooperate with more communities and quality web3 projects to bring into play its advantages in resources, information, technology, traffic and other aspects to fight for more ecological rights for NFT holders, and this of course cannot be separated from the construction of the NFT avatar itself IP.

In fact, Sophon NFT has very cleverly shaped a semi-open narrative space, and will subsequently carry out a series of planning based on its own IP, such as movies and games, to expand the infinite possibilities. Whether it’s the creation ecology of NFT or the application ecology behind NFT, this is clearly a height that all previous NFT projects have never reached and is worth paying attention to.

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