RAIDERS Has Dawned to Open a New Era of Dragon Nest

It is learned that RAIDERS officially announced on Nov 27 that the newly-upgraded version 2.0 RAIDERS obtaining materials from Dragon Nest and combining with blockchain technology officially entered the stage of internet test and would be launched by the end of this year. RAIDERS is a highly free RPG Metaverse strategy game. As the upgraded version 2.0 of Metaverse Dragon Nest, RAIDERS deeply develops Metaverse and DAO of GameFI field and creates value for DAO members through investing and developing assets in Metaverse.

With previous outstanding works, the game empire will break the capital market.

At present, with support of Metaverse, NFT and other concepts, blockchain game is becoming more and more popular. While NFT game and Metaverse are wandering on the cusp, large traditional game companies join successively. The single-month revenue of Axie is more than 334 million US dollars, exceeding 231 million US dollars in this July of Arena of Valor. The success of Axie makes blockchain industry excited and brings this niche field to the public again.

When looking back on the development of traditional game industry, it is not hard to see that the contradiction between the player and the developer is becoming increasingly serious due to concentration of power. Putting playability aside, many problems can be discovered only from the value structure. For the player, the transformation to digitalization means the relationship between the player and the game, the developer has changed a lot. Digital download has intangibly emphasized that the player does not have ownership of the game it plays and the game content, but it only has personal license (game prop) of accessing the game and game content; the player seldom has right to transfer the game ownership (not allowed to sell).

Because there is no legal way to transfer the goods purchased in game, spending money on virtual goods is a one-way street to some extent, and you can only buy but not sell. For this purpose, RAIDERS was born to perfectly solve these problems through blockchain technology.

RAIDERS enables the value interaction the virtual and the real.

RAIDERS is short for Raiders of the Dragon Valley. It is a highly free RPG Metaverse strategy game released on the basis on Binance Smart Chain. The game is based entirely on current blockchain technology and has rich game scenes, game props, trading markets, investment markets and in-game ecosystems.

RAIDERS is going to carry the ecosystem combined with NFTs+DeFi+GAMEFi, driven by community and centered on user value. Everyone can own a virtual identity in RAIDERS Metaverse, participate in creation of playing methods and virtual items, and realize the auction and exchange of virtual items through NFT. In the whole process, the upgrade, growth, casting and awakening experienced by the player are featured of financial and economic model. Besides, by sharing experiences and methods and recommending new users to join the labor union, more playing methods and revenues will be unlocked. In other words, all behavior tracks of the user are accompanied with value orientation. The mode of play-to-earn is throughout the bottom framework of the entire game.

RAIDERS does not lack playability. It unlocks game sections with plot-oriented game style. Every section will undergo iterative upgrade and change, every stage has different styles and playing methods, and the new section and new stage will be unlocked as the hero grows. There are not only dreamy pictures and smooth game experiences in game, we have also developed very rich fighting mechanisms and skills combinations according to the playing methods of different heroes. In addition, the playing method of resource collection and making is also added, making RAIDERS a blockchain game with real playability and collection property.

Metaverse has constructed the technical interaction between the virtual and the real, while RAIDERS has opened up the entrance to value delivery, enabling us to be warriors before dawn, enabling the ideal into reality, and starting the great journey belonging to us.

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