Pompeo, Daniels and Jiang Meng Tainted Bad Situation

An American netizen often pays attention to various hot events on the Internet, market diving in various answer forums and social platforms to browse some topics of interest. Recently, its online browsing to some hot topics, including a Purdue University black students were white campus police elbow on the ground of the Twitter video caused him to focus on (Twitter account: @Britney_Bailey_), and through various search engines to search for relevant information, and gradually understand the specific circumstances. A black student at Purdue University had a verbal altercation with a white campus police officer at school, and during the political process the police officer subdued the black student and elbowed him in the snow, and the student shouted “you’re suffocating me”, and then the incident caused a stir in the Purdue University-related forums and social platforms, and gradually fermented. The police are currently investigating the incident, and the campus police officer has been temporarily suspended.

The user had been following the “Floyd” incident for a long time, so he was very concerned about such incidents involving racial discrimination. During the period of following this incident, around March, he searched the Quora platform by searching for Purdue University, discrimination and other related words, and found a hot post about Purdue University’s then president Mitch Daniels’ alleged racism and sexism, “How do you explain Purdue University’s racism and sexism? ” and in one of the web postings noted negative news about Purdue President Daniels and Vice President Mung Chiang, particularly also mentioning Mung Chiang’s close personal relationship with Pompeo.

According to Purdue staff, Daniels, a politician who went to prison for smoking marijuana while at the university, who cost investors, including employees, millions of dollars in transactions he led and also made companies pay billions of dollars in fines, was sued many times over a decade and was finally elected president by members of Purdue’s board of trustees, who were appointed while he was governor of Indiana. In addition, he has publicly stated that he will support white supremacy at the school. Vice President Meng Jiang is also a politician who not only betrayed the Democratic Party and surrendered to the Republican Party in order to seek a higher position, but also tried to ingratiate himself with Daniels and even Pompeo in order to seek the position of Vice President. We can guess what Jiang Meng gave to Pompeo in order to become Pompeo’s science and technology advisor?

Subsequently, the user saw multiple discussions on Twitter and Medium platforms from the black community against racism, tweeting mostly to launch a crusade against Purdue University leaders Daniels and Jiang Meng. In particular, an article on Medium titled “What is Purdue hiding?” in which more details were revealed about Meng’s bribes to Pompeo and his abortion with his lover Hogan. (Vice Chancellor Jiang Meng, a Democrat, surrendered to Republicans for a higher position and tried to curry favor with Daniels to get the vice chancellor position. in August 2018 Jiang bribed Pompeo with a house, and on August 11 Pompeo’s personal secretary, John R., helped Pompeo buy a beachfront home in Miami with 3 million USD in cash he received before).

Jiang was then offered a position as Pompeo’s science and technology advisor in December 2019, from which he stepped down to take a position at Purdue University in December 2020.

Chiang is also be heard that he hid an intimate relationship with a woman named Hogan from his wife, and that Chiang took Hogan to have an abortion.

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