2023 Holo Metaverse Summit and Press Conference for the Strategic Investment Statter Network were held in New York

On March 28th, 2023 (EST), the Holo Metaverse Summit and Press Conference were held at OTC Markets Group in New York. Attendees included Ms. Fibona Ning, the creator, chairman, and general mentor of Holo Space, Mr. Jiang Ping, the creator and mentor of Metaverse Smart Space, senior officials from the State of New York, and economists from the American Evaluation Association.

2023 Holo Metaverse Summit and Press Conference for the Strategic Investment Statter Network were held in New York

At the press conference, Chairman Ms. Fibona Ning, the creator of Holo Space, introduced the Holo Metaverse Summit and the Statter Network project.


(Ms. Fibona Ning, Chairman of Holo Foundation)

The 2023 Holo Metaverse Summit will be held on June 20th at UBS Arena in New York, with the theme of “Holo Metaverse, Seeing the Future”. It is the biggest upcoming offline conference in recent three years. It is expected that more than 20,000 participants, including entrepreneurs, blockchain experts, AI developers, creators of Metaverse start-ups, media reporters, and others from dozens of countries, will attend. To highlight the importance of the conference, the organizers will invite American political and business figures, as well as entertainment stars, to interact and exchange ideas, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, Lady Gaga, and others.

By establishing the Holo Foundation in New York, U.S., Holo Group aims to fulfil its corporate responsibility and make a new breakthrough for global business. Holo strives to guide entrepreneurs from small and medium companies to stay together and overcome difficulties. Its mission is to build virtuous competition rules and a business environment that is inclusive and open.


Standing at the pinnacle of the past, Holo sets off on a new adventure using an entirely new Holo methodology, which will be unveiled on June 20 at the Holo Metaverse Summit.

Holo will unveil its new perspective and industrial model at the conference. As a tech-driven company, Holo aims to introduce hot topics such as the Industrial Economy, Metaverse, Blockchain, and AI to the general public. These buzzwords represent the most cutting-edge concepts in the industry. After ten years of hard work, Holo has developed a new methodology that is scientific, efficient, and applicable to enterprises. It offers novel financing techniques, a variety of profit models, different approaches to inventive thinking, fair profit-sharing ways and incentives, and high-level industry views to assist businesses in achieving exponential growth. 


(Vice President of Data Tracks: Brian Cavalli)

Holo is a privately-owned company, but it follows a joint ownership approach in its business operations. This means that all Holo members contribute to the development of the company and share its profits. This unique model has helped Holo create a distinctive ecosystem with special features.

Nine ecosystems: Holo Interaction (also known as Holo E-commerce), Holo Digital, Holo Entertainment, Holo Social Network, Holo Index, Holo Finance, Holo Education, Holo AI, and Holo Training.

Closed-loop system: Holo industrial space aggregates suppliers and users directly, meeting all the users’ demands and providing full services to support personal development from birth to adulthood. 

Industrial classification: Holo has developed a new industrial structure comprising five layers: the Foundation Layer, the Connection Layer, the Application Layer, the Industrial Conglomerate Layer, and the Terminal Service Layer.


(American Evaluation Association Economist: Dr. Samuel Scott)

Statter Network is a public blockchain platform that serves as the bottom-layer infrastructure for Holo’s industrial ecology. The Holo cloud server functions as a connection layer, while its application layer includes two systems – “Holo Financial Service System” and “Holo Application System”. At the core of the structure are the industrial conglomerate layer and terminal service layer, which play a crucial role in connecting Holo’s industrial space with producers and consumers, streamlining the supply chain, and ensuring quick delivery of products to users.


(Founding Mentor of Metaverse Smart Space: Mr. Jiang Ping)

At the press conference, Mr. Jiang Ping, the founding mentor of Metaverse Smart Space and a representative of industrial space innovation, discussed the significance of the investment made by Holo Foundation in the Statter Network.


The Holo Foundation’s investment in Statter has three strategic benefits. Statter Network, a metaverse infrastructure incubated and invested by the Holo Foundation, expedites the formation of the new ecology of the Holo metaverse. Jiang Ping, the Chairman, lists three advantages of the Holo Foundation’s investment in Statter: Firstly, the Statter Network provides developed blockchain technology and optimized infrastructure for the Holo industrial ecology, enabling a solid bottom-layer foundation for creating Web3 applications. Secondly, the Statter Network expedites the development of the Holo metaverse industry, bringing forth new concepts. Thirdly, with its advanced features and cutting-edge blockchain technology, the Statter Network empowers 112 industrial spaces in the Holo industry with inclusive blockchain and metaverse services.

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