Omnisphere Financial Perpetual Motion Machine,Logic of Value Rise of Omnisphere

For thousands of years, a fascinating question has puzzled people: Is there a perpetual motion machine? Based on countless attempts and the knowledge of modern science, the answer is no.

But this does not prevent people with insight to the sustainable appreciation of  the financial system to pursue  it tirelessly, we have one idea after another and practice. All failed attempts are out of control due to greed or incompetence: the growth rate of token issuance in the system exceeds the growth rate of actual demand, which eventually leads to the overissuance of money and the collapse of the system. This is a puzzle spanning thousands of years.

Today, we grasp the unprecedented power of blockchain, understand the nature of value growth, and deliver a solution that is infinitely close to sustainability: Omnisphere deflationary network system.

Today we reveal Omnisphere’s value rise logic and its financial perpetual motion mechanism.

1. Pattern of Value Rise Logic

Many people believe that the logic of a cryptocurrency’s steady rise derives from the destruction mechanism. I will not deny this, and I will focus on Omnisphere’s destruction mechanism later.

I believe, however, the most important thing is not destruction, but the pattern.

Omnisphere didn’t start out as launching a token only, but as a solution to the Internet’s current woes, such as data privacy, Metaverse sovereignty, cybersecurity, energy efficiency and blockchain trilemma.

Of course, all blockchain projects claim to address the current pain points of the Internet, but few can come up with targeted solutions and even fewer can put them into practice.

Still, Omnisphere is different. It targets all problems mentioned above and proposes relevant solutions.

Omnisphere proposes the use of smart contracts to help users establish sovereignty over their data and regain control of their data.

In response to Metaverse’s sovereignty issue, Omnisphere proposed a neutral platform where users could have complete autonomy over their avatars, objects and other postures.

For network security issues, Omnisphere proposes a point-to-point decentralized encryption cloud to prevent malicious actors from tampering with the system.

Regarding energy efficiency, Omnisphere proposes to use less redundant protocols to minimize redundancy and improve energy efficiency.

Regarding the three dilemmas facing blockchain, Omnisphere addresses the blockchain by extending the solution at Layer 1 and 2 to achieve a balance of scalability, decentralization, and security.

The average project cannot rival the pattern. Most importantly, Omnisphere Strategic Commission has gradually realized the solutions mentioned above.

According to the Omnisphere technology book, Omnisphere has built a three-tier network of OMNIGRID, OMNICHAIN and OMNIVERSE that enables anyone to use web resources easily and fairly while protecting their data sovereignty and privacy.

In addition, Omnisphere has no institutional financing of any kind so far, 85% of the tokens will be mined by capacity providers (miners), 10% will be held by OSPD holders (members of the governance community), and the remaining 5% will be owned by the development team.

That means it is impossible that Omnisphere is held by large institutions, so that the risk of massive sell-off can be prevented.

Instead, Omnisphere uses DAO autonomy, allowing OSPD holders, community members of Omnisphere DAO, to make their own decisions. The DAO model proposed by Omnisphere will be flexible democracy (also known as entrusted democracy). This means OSPD token holders can either I) vote directly on the proposal or ii) delegate powers related to their tokens to other users in order to vote on their behalf. In other words, OSPD token holders can participate in Omnisphere governance voting at any given time, either through their own interaction with the smart contract of the governance proposal, or indirectly by delegating their voting role to another address in the Omnichain blockchain.

The scope of DAO decisions may include changes to the platform’s economic variables and protocols, or even changes to governance protocols. Initially, change proposals will only be submitted by the Omnisphere team. As the DAO matures, this attribution will be allocated to other OSPD token holders according to the phases detailed in the specific roadmap.

That’s the big picture at Omnisphere. I’m not sure how big Omnisphere’s ecosystem and population base will be, but what Omnisphere is doing is what Web 3.0 advocates.

2. Value Rise Logic & Dual Token Launch And Destruction

The Omnisphere team is undoubtedly ingenious in the financial design.

At present, the vast majority of blockchain projects adopt a single currency system, which is easy to lead to inflation. Especially when the early users keep fleeing after making profits, it will lead to the devaluation of tokens and cause the fear of investors in the later stage, which is not conducive to the survival of the system itself.

Omnisphere uses a more scientific two-coin (OSP & OSPD) issuing economic model. The two digital assets power and drive each other, together with an extremely deflationary destruction mechanism, making Omnisphere’s overall economy healthy and robust.

OSP is the enabler of the Omnisphere ecosystem. It is mainly used to pay for computing, storage, network services and setup and maintenance of Unispheres, pay miners, trade and pledge scenarios.

● The team makes up 5% of the total OSP. There is no original version of this part of OSP. It starts after the launch on the main net three months later.

● OSPD holders make up 10% of the total OSP.

● Capacity providers (miners) make up 85% of the total OSP. As the launch of the system, this part will be launched according to the mining model of the next segment.

OSPD is the governance token of Omnisphere and it is convenient for users to participate in Omnisphere governance, including voting.

●The total supply of OSPD is 100 billion

●20% are jointly constructed by the community

●70% for Liquidity Pool

●10% for private sale

To limit token inflation, 30% of OSP tokens used to access capacity will be burned and removed from circulation. Contract self-destruct extreme deflation economic model, three-dimensional application ecological recovery model (application, network, storage, computing, DEFI, blockchain, Internet smart contract and metaverse, etc.);

That means as the initiation of the main net, OSP will be constantly burned permanently at every moment.

As more and more people participate in Omnisphere, and more and more Omnisphere is burned, the total number of Omnisphere will continue to decrease, which means that Omnisphere perfectly illustrates how a token model of extreme deflation can be achieved.

Omnisphere uses a dual-currency issuing mechanism to build ecological power, aiming to create a global community, universal holding, universal reward blockchain basic ecology. Dual-token system can reduce the influence of the secondary market on the system itself, increase the stability of the economic system within the system, and realize self-adjustment through resource integration. By this design, when demand roughly equals supply, the currency tends to rise steadily.

But the Omnisphere team has longer-term vision.

In order to constantly expand the demand of Omnisphere, the team also devises plans of airdrop and promotion reward.

3. Value Rise Logic & Plans of Airdrop And Promotion Reward

Omnisphere coins can only go up steadily if they are simply destroyed, but some incentive is needed to get a chance to accelerate.

a) Airdrop Plan

The early core community of Omnisphere DAO decided after discussion and voted to airdrop the Omnisphere DAO community in batches of 2 billion out of the 20 billion OSPD used for community promotion, which means community members can use OSPD for governance earlier. This will help add more coin holders, further expanding the Omnisphere DAO community.

b) Promotion Reward

Omnisphere DAO also voted to allocate 20 billion OSPD for the community, which allows community members to connect with each other through simple money transfers. Individuals can also be rewarded with tokens as the community grows.

Meanwhile, the core OSPD holers can also get dividends from transaction fees.

c) Add Liquidity

Another opportunity for community members to participate comes from DeFi gameplay, which adds liquidity to OSPD transactions. Community members will benefit from adding liquidity to OSPD and trading pairs on a decentralized trading platform. The returns on liquidity will vary depending on market conditions and will generally range from 10% to 200%.

As these incentives are implemented, the demand for OSPD and OSP will far exceed the supply, the value of OSPD and OSP will increase, and the global community will experience unprecedented vitality.

4. Value Rise Logic & Comprehensive And Rich Ecology

Omnisphere owns fast-developing technological ecology, and has sustainable and robust momentum.

Omnisphere network is a neutral network with high security, low energy consumption and fair and open. Starting with the decentralized storage scenario, Omnisphere makes it easy and fair for anyone to use network resources and protect their data sovereignty and privacy by building a trinity of overlapping layers of OMNIGRID, OMNICHAIN and OMNIVERSE.

In the future, Omnisphere will build a comprehensive and complete ecosystem, including: applications, networks, storage, computing power, DEFI, blockchain, Internet smart contract and metaverse user interface, etc. Specifically, in the future, Omnisphere’s ecosystem includes but is not limited to: Social media application, network, video conference system, office application tools, electronic learning, video publishing system, e-commerce, payments, social interaction, health care, gaming, privacy, insurance, notary, assets, charity, Internet of Things, cloud storage, artificial intelligence, asset transactions, assets, borrowing, encryption technology, VR and AR, and so forth.

It can be foreseen that, in the case of ecological enrichment, the OSPD and OSP, which are in a slightly tight supply, will become unbalanced, and the situation of OSPD and OSP will be further formed, and the price will be constantly pushed up.

That is all about the author’s understanding of Omnisphere Financial Perpetual Motion Machine.

Lastly, we must believe in the power of smart contracts!

The first project which develops decentralization to the extreme!

Decentralization; delegate powers to communities!

The achievement of Omnisphere will surpass all of current blockchain projects!

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