Nearly $10 million in cryptocurrency stolen as hackers breach BFIC

Recently hackers have been using security vulnerabilities to launch several attacks on BFIC, but they were intercepted by BFIC’s security network staff to fix the hidden vulnerabilities.

Just now BFIC company still encountered hackers forced intrusion, malicious access to its network and theft of cryptocurrency nearly 10 million dollars.

Nearly  million in cryptocurrency stolen as hackers breach BFIC

The attack on BFIC Inc. was reported to law enforcement after the security breach potential occurred.

According to the relevant departments, North America has been a major hit area for hackers to attack cryptocurrencies in 2021-2022, and the incident caused more serious losses.

The BFIC community has stated that multiple tokens were stolen by hackers on the binance smartchain, losing approximately $10 million in multiple cryptocurrencies, and cooperating with investigators “and assure our users that we are taking all necessary measures” to refund the corresponding values to all community members involved in the near future.

All operations will be suspended until further notice, and said a thorough security review is underway as well as tracing the hackers to their final address.

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