Microsoft Makes Blizzard and StarCraft Central to Its Metaverse Strategy

In January of this year, we joined Microsoft Metaverse with a series of classic games. But for Activision Blizzard, this is just the beginning of a new journey. Under the leadership of Microsoft, we will create a legendary chapter in the Metaverse world and build StarCraft into the first public game chain of Metaverse.

In fact, we and Microsoft have reached an agreement on the game. They have always said that Blizzard has a lot of exciting content and IP, and the integration will help improve the performance of Xbox, which currently has more than 25 million Xbox Game Pass users. In the near future, Microsoft will have classic IPs such as Warcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, Call of Duty, StarCraft, etc. These masterpieces we are proud of will help Microsoft become the third largest gaming giant in the world.

Microsoft Makes Blizzard and StarCraft Central to Its Metaverse Strategy

In Microsoft’s eyes, Metaverse seems to be equal to a game. Earlier this year, Microsoft CEO Nadella expressed this view in an interview with the media. He believes that “the metaverse is essentially a game where people, places and things can be put into a physics engine and then connected to each other.”

At present, Microsoft has established a special game R&D department to guide the development and innovation of each game of Activision Blizzard, and seize the next wave of the Internet. It’s going to be a more open world where people will build their own virtual worlds, whether it’s companies, game developers, or anyone else.

We are committed to becoming the next-generation infrastructure of Metaverse in accordance with Microsoft’s established plan, and regard the Web3 version of the encrypted game “StarCraft”, which is publicly released around the world, as an important encrypted masterpiece, and strive to make StarCraft become the metaverse. The first public game chain.

Judging from Microsoft’s obvious advantages in hardware, software, content, etc., their ambition to dominate the game industry is not an illusion. We will help them become “metaverse giants” outside the halo of technology giants, game giants, etc. under the influence of Blizzard Entertainment and StarCraft.

From a gaming point of view, Microsoft is investing heavily in games such as StarCraft, making it easier for people to play exciting games anytime, anywhere, and continuously shaping the iterative ecology of the gaming field with the development of Metaverse.

Of course, as an innovative game we make and publish, crypto-based StarCraft deserves to be relaunched and raised in popularity.

Released on the popular BNB Chain in the crypto space, StarCraft is a blockchain-based real-time strategy game. Web3’s autonomy and NFT’s asset verification is used to help StarCraft to innovate more. Players can get ownership of digital assets they buy in the game, easily control their identities (planets), create data and assets, planets, equipment, material fragments, blueprints, etc. are all unique NFTs. (Join the telegram group to learn more:

For Activision Blizzard, gaming is more than entertainment. Gaming is the most dynamic and exciting entertainment category on all platforms in the world today and will play a key role in the development of Metaverse. We are investing in and developing world-class content. As the first public chain of Metaverse carefully built by Activision Blizzard, StarCraft will bring irreplaceable empowerment and ecological value to global games and Metaverse. We will make StarCraft the core of our long-term strategy in the Web3 era and usher in a new era of gaming, putting players and creators first, making games safe, inclusive, accessible, and making a huge contribution to the metagame for the universe development of!

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