LSC Provides the ELECTRICORE® Smart Electrification System for Automakers to Build LEV

Taiwan boasts the highest density of motorcycles in the world and has the advantage of being the “Kingdom of Motorcycles” in the light-duty vehicle industry.

LSC Ecosystem Corporation, a Taiwan-based expert in smart electrification system integration, has spent two years independently developing the most advanced electric system in the vehicle industry. It integrates the products of supply chain manufacturers to provide customized system integration services for vehicle manufacturers, enabling customers to effectively enter the vehicle electrification market. The system was officially launched at the EICMA Motorcycle Show 2021 in November.

ELECTRICORE® smart electrification system includes four product categories: DRIVE, SMARTKIT, CLOUD, and INTELLIGENCE, which can apply to light vehicles on water and land, including LEVs that can be extended to three or four-wheeled vehicles. ELECTRICORE® is a modular system that can be adapted to the customer’s product characteristics and driving scenarios to optimize the user experience.
LSC Provides the ELECTRICORE® Smart Electrification System for Automakers to Build LEV

The most significant feature of the DRIVE is its streamlined configuration of key components and lightweight design, which substantially improves the performance of rough road conditions for off-road circumstances.

The light-duty electric off-road vehicle application scenarios debuted at EICMA 2021 have attracted many inquiries and a high level of interest from many brand automakers. The equipped DRIVE, the electric drive module, can substantially improve the performance of rough road conditions for off-road circumstances. Its streamlined configuration of key components and lightweight design has been well received and appreciated. As for energy supplement, the system has the flexibility to design into charging or battery-swapping system.

The electric commercial vehicle demonstration is equipped with ELECTRICORE®, a complete smart electrification system that will fulfill the future needs of the commercial market.一張含有 文字, 室內, 投影機 的圖片


The electric commercial vehicle is equipped with a complete smart electrification system, which integrates drive and intelligent devices with Bluetooth, edge computing, cloud management backend, and data analysis services, realizing the commercial trend of future market demand. It meets the IEC international standard and supports fast charging and slow charging; it can be charged from 20% to 80% in 30 minutes for fast charging and 6 hours for slow charging, with a maximum fixed speed range of at least 150 km and a standard load weight of up to 200 kg.

LSC co-founder and CEO Mort SC Lin said, “Currently we have almost 10 patented technologies, and our customers are light-duty vehicle brands from America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, etc. We will start mass production in Q1 2022 for the ongoing orders, and the visibility of orders lasts until Q3 2023. LSC has successfully developed the technology to realize smart electrification for vehicles. Through ELECTRICORE® and the business model of System as a Service, automakers can build their products on the platform. The product performance can be optimized by combining the specifications of each component. In addition, diversified system integration solutions can be provided in response to different demand scenarios. 

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LSC Team

LSC is a professional team composed of software engineers, hardware engineers, and project managers from well-known corporation in Taiwan and multinational enterprise in various industries, including semiconductors, mobile devices, OEM, and electric transportation. More than 60% of the team members hold master’s or doctoral degrees. Our R&D team has nearly 20 years of professional experience in vehicle electrification, with team members specialized in power train, data science, cloud services, and applications to offer smart electrification solutions to the light electric vehicle industry.

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