Jia Liu, Founder of Crown Dream Education: Use Forward-looking Thinking to Open a New Era of Intelligent Education

Reporter: Beatrice Zheng

Education is the transmission of knowledge, the enlightenment of intelligence, and the shaping of personality. It plays an important role in any era. However, due to the different times, educational resources and teaching channels, education also presents different characteristics and effects. Now, with the rapid development of modern science and technology, what changes will education face? A clear answer can be found in Jia Liu, the founder of Crown Dream Education, a well-known Chinese education brand.

As a pioneer in the field of education in China, Jia Liu not only founded Crown Dream, an education brand with world influence in children’s education and international education, the concept of intelligent education has been perfectly interpreted by her educational concept and the achievements of intelligent education technology: break the shackles of the traditional education mode, subvert the primary model of Internet + education, reconstruct the curriculum system, teaching system, learning system and evaluation system, create a new intelligent + education mode with high interaction and super personality, and let education enter the wisdom era in the true sense.

Reshape the concept of “intelligent education”

Speaking of intelligent education, many people will naturally think of Internet + education. In fact, this kind of cognition is very simple. In Jia Liu’s view, intelligent education is a combination of correct educational goals, scientific educational concepts, systematic educational methods and advanced scientific and technological means.

Based on this recognition, combined with years of educational practice and research and development experience in educational system platforms, Jia Liu reshaped the concept of “intelligent education”. In her view, “intelligent education” involves systematic changes in educational objectives, educational contents and educational process, which is to truly realize individualized teaching and resource sharing. Specifically, intelligent education needs to build a learning environment of technology integration, so that teachers can use efficient teaching methods, and learners can obtain appropriate personalized learning services and good development experience, so that it can change from impossible to possible, and from small ability to great ability, so as to train talents with good value orientation, strong action ability, good thinking quality, good thinking ability and deep creative potential.

Create a new educational theoretical system and build a soft environment for intelligent education.

The construction of intelligent education system first requires a scientific theoretical system as a guide. For this reason, Jia Liu has been focusing on the deep theoretical research of pedagogy and educational psychology for many years. Until now, she is still studying the postgraduate course of Child Development and Educational Psychology of Chinese Academy of Sciences in her spare time.

In addition, Jia Liu, with his unique international perspective, studies the advanced education systems and ideas of all countries in the world. “Any kind of educational idea or educational method system can’t exist separately from the social reality, only suitable is the best.” With years of keen insight into the current situation and future development trend of China’s children’s education, Jia Liu has deeply analyzed and reconstructed China’s individualized education concept, EYFS education system in the UK and STEM education system in primary and secondary schools in Australia, thus forming a set of children’s education system that is highly systematic, fully applicable to Chinese society and in line with international standards.

Jia Liu said that every education system has its own rationality and scope of application. For example, the EYFS early education system in the United Kingdom integrates more than 20 advanced educational theories, research and practices in the world today, including outstanding educational concepts such as Montessori education in Italy and Reggio education. It is one of the most authoritative early education standards in the world. Compared with teaching so-called “true and correct knowledge”, EYFS early education system believes that teaching children how to communicate is obviously more valuable. The STEM education system for primary and secondary schools in the United States, Australia and other countries strives to equip students with the ability to understand and transform the world, to coexist with nature harmoniously, and to solve the problems encountered in the process of social development through the education of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“Although many educational institutions are actively introducing advanced educational concepts, the actual effect may not be satisfactory. Some educational institutions mainly focus on knowledge education, no matter whether children of this age can understand and digest it or not; The institutions that focus on personality building and communication skills training don’t teach any substantive knowledge. They take their children to play games and sing songs every day. In addition, when teachers teach the same things, some parents feel that their children cannot keep up with the progress, while some parents feel that their children haven’t learned anything. Therefore, on the basis of absorbing the essence of mainstream education systems in the world, I also take the Chinese concept of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude as the basis, and take “every child is unique” as the teaching philosophy of Crown Dream Education. I think every child is a separate individual. They have their own unique personality, thinking and way of expression. Therefore, every child should be given “special treatment”. This is one of the core goals of intelligent education.”

Use cutting-edge technology to provide a technical fulcrum for intelligent education

Individualized education is simple to say, but it is difficult to implement.

“The realization of this goal will be a complex and long process. Whether it is the creation of a new educational environment, the integration, analysis, and accumulation of teaching methods, educational resources, and the ultimate acquisition of personalized learning capabilities, it needs the support of Internet, big data, cloud services, artificial intelligence, as well as modern communication technology and Internet of things technology. What’s more, it needs educators, people from all walks of life and learners to change their ideas and gradually identify with them.” However, Jia Liu believes that the growth of market demand and the development of technology have brought great opportunities for the development of intelligent education. The comprehensive use of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other high-tech means to empower the education industry, the use of new technology platform to make the global quality education resources for everyone who has the need and desire to learn, is destined to become the development trend and historical inevitability of the education industry.  

Jia Liu is not only a firm supporter of education informatization and intelligent development, but also a researcher and leader in this field. In recent years, she has conducted in-depth research on cutting-edge information technology represented by the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence in order to create a technical platform suitable for various educational scenarios and provide strong technical support for intelligent education. Up to now, she has successfully developed a number of advanced technological achievements, such as Public Education and Training Resource Sharing System Based on Big Data V1.0, Intelligent Online Education Management System V1.0, Teaching Analysis System for Children’s Education V1.0, Online Education Resource Recommendation System Based on Social Media V1.0, etc., which provide full-chain support at the content, mode, and method level for early preschool education, compulsory education, higher education, and vocational education.

“Although Asia, Europe, America, Australia and other countries advocate individualized education for children, educators know that it is most difficult to analyze children’s psychological characteristics among all age groups. Because a child’s personality is extremely complex, it is not only a great challenge to the professional quality of educators, but also depends on the support of scientific and technological means to accurately analyze his personality and form the most reasonable educational means.”

In order to overcome this problem, Ms. Jia Liu spent nearly a year developing Teaching Analysis System for Children’s Education V1.0. The system is based on Ms. Jia Liu’s research achievements in educational psychology and behavioral psychology, supported by data mining, knowledge mapping, deep learning, expert system and other intelligent technology means, and based on the accurate analysis of children’s psychology and knowledge structure, it provides the most scientific and reasonable education program and the most accurate education effect evaluation report, thus providing a strong technical support for the implementation of children’s personalized education and the shaping of children’s personality. Once this technological achievement came out, it was highly appraised by the educators.

Plan the future for education with dreams and perseverance

At present, with the development of economy and culture and the progress of information technology in the world, the new education mode with the goal of personalized education and quality education and the means of digitalization, informatization and intelligent technology has become the new characteristics and trend of the development of education industry in the world. Especially in the multicultural countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia and so on, because the educated people have complex and diverse cultural backgrounds, they need more advanced education models and technical means for education empowerment.

Taking Australia as an example, in order to improve participation, STEM courses adopt the combination of offline and online teaching, so that more students and teachers can enjoy high-quality STEM courses with the help of the Internet. In addition, due to the complexity and diversity of students’ sources and cultural backgrounds in Australia, whether it is early childhood education, primary and secondary education, international exchange programs or vocational education, compared with other countries, it has more international and cross characteristics, which also depends on accurate personalized education, evaluation means and distance education platform as support.

Jia Liu believes that the change of modern science and technology for education has just begun. With the further innovation and breakthrough of cloud computing, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technologies, information technology will not only act on the part of education, but will be fully and systematically internalized in all aspects of education, thus truly triggering educational reform.

“In the near future, the whole education plan based on specific education scenarios and the learning scheme tailored to individual needs will become the main products in the field of education services. Interdisciplinary learning, the combination of software and hardware, and the real-time assistance of cloud and Internet of things will become the new features of education. The situation where learners think, do, and learn while learning will become a new learning model. Cutting-edge technology will make learning a convenient and interesting thing.” Jia Liu said with great expectation, “such a scene will come true in the near future, and there will be my efforts and contributions in it.”

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