Integrity exists permanently in the boundless universe,The immortal hero masterpiece God of War leads the age of GameFi 2.0

Integrity exists permanently in the boundless universe. The promotion of the chivalrous spirit is the common cultural pursuit of every country and nation. Chivalrous figures popping out constantly, such as Zorro who owns European and American cultures, Miyamoto Musashi who represents Japanese culture, and the woman general Hua Mulan from ancient China. They all motivate people holding passion and desire for better life to create the ideal world.

Integrity exists permanently in the boundless universe,The immortal hero masterpiece God of War leads the age of GameFi 2.0

In the field of the immortal hero game, however, people are more unsatisfied with their sufferings. For traditional chivalrous gamer, they are fed up with the opaque virtual asset ownership and cultural exchange restriction due to blocking and limit by game developers. Most importantly, players devote massive time, only to find out that they only create value for game developers. It is intolerable in the blockchain era.

To this end, the Dynamic Funds team, as a member of chivalrous culture buff, is responsible for breaking the tradition and creating a pure chivalrous “paradise” for fellows, so that players can be rewarded reasonably, and the chivalrous spirit can be handed down. In 2019, the Dynamic Funds initiated the God of War project aimed at building the chivalrous world, with the passion about the chivalrous culture.

Through the technological evolution, GameFi is becoming increasingly mature. The Dynamic Funds, therefore, has seen bigger opportunities created for chivalrous culture buffs. We saw various projects which hyped GameFi groundlessly in the GameFi 1.0 age, and games were generally badly created; the game experience was terrible, but the team believes it bears the responsibility to change this situation for workers in the game industry and chivalrous culture buffs; to provide an epoch-making P2E game experience for game players, and hence to take GameFi to the version 2.0 era.

Renew the love of chivalry. Meet the dream of chivalry again! God of War, a 3D GameFi developed by the Dynamic Funds team for 3 years, is about to make its debut. The game adopts the Unreal Engine 3 technology to provide players with excellent game screens and awesome real-time combat experience. The Lumen global illumination and reflection technology create exquisite details and life-like environments for players; The virtual shadow mapping technology, improves the color and resolution of directional light; The virtual geometry technology automates fine-grained flow of rendering grids; The map partitioning technology uses the level-based flow mechanism in the game environment to load partition maps. God of War creates a vivid immortal chivalry world for players.

In terms of game assets, NFT, as an important feature of GameFi, is an important certificate for players to collect and circulate game assets. To implement this concept, God of War transforms all game assets into the form of NFT to protect players’ rights and interests, provides players with a wide variety of NFT assets, and has an exclusive market to facilitate transactions among players.

In terms of the game design, it is a massive project. A total of over 1000 modeling characters and monsters exist in the game, with over 30 world maps and over 600 main tasks. Every character bears their respective mission and completes the upgrade of skills and outfits through progressive tasks in battles along the path ahead, and therefore accomplishes the chivalrous dream.

In the aspect of security, God of War, developed based on BSC, promises players’ experience and the safety of NFT assets in a comprehensive way. BSC secures the safety and decentralization, so it is reliable and trustworthy. Furthermore, the game, as the “crypto court” can reach the global consensus and execute arbitration by rules designed by the smart contract. It can pass the trust to the God of War in a form of economic incentive. However, God of War pursues the upmost performance and is able to meet demands of various business situations.

As a whole, God of War is a massive 3D blockchain game worthwhile to play. The pure and refreshing screen plus the fascinating and original painting effect featuring fairyland give players an immersive feeling. In the free and fair trading system, NFT outfits can be traded in the market to obtain tokens, so that players will be way ahead in the game. Decorated with the effect of exquisite Chinese-styled classical painting screen, players can experience the smooth battling pleasure. Moreover, the game has the beautiful and soothing game melody, appealing scene display for players to relax and play the game at ease, while enjoying the play-to-earn fun!

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