Hotcoin will launch MiaoYin Coin (MYC) trading on March 8 at 12:12

According to the official announcement, Hotcoin will open MYC/USDT trading services on March 8 at 12:12 (GMT+8), and MYC deposits and withdrawals will be available from 11:12 on the same day.

Hotcoin will launch MiaoYin Coin (MYC) trading on March 8 at 12:12

MYC is a mature enterprise-level trusted blockchain framework platform. It focuses on improving the efficiency, stability, and security of existing blockchain technologies and aims to expand blockchain innovation application scenarios. MYC is dedicated to researching and applying fundamental blockchain technologies such as consensus protocols, privacy protection, and smart contracts. The goal is to create the most user-friendly enterprise-level blockchain technology platform, building a blockchain application ecosystem around a trusted data network to efficiently facilitate the flow and value creation of societal digital assets.

About Hotcoin

Hotcoin is a global blockchain digital asset international platform brings users with warm & cozy. Since its establishment, Hotcoin has provided trading and investment services for more than one hundred high-quality blockchain asset categories for millions of users from over 97 countries and regions around the world. Hotcoin is one of the leading platforms for global crypto asset trading services.

Hotcoin always puts users’ interests first , and it is committed to providing users a blockchain digital asset trading environment with security, fairness, openness and high efficiency. Hotcoin is providing the one-stop crypto asset services for global users such as the trading of Exchange, C2C, Derivatives, Finance and Crypto Loans areas. At the same time , Hotcoin has also established operation centers and localized communities in many countries and regions to offer the best quality services.

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