Formo Holdings Ventures in Forex & Bullion Trading

Formo Holdings Ventures in Forex & Bullion Trading

As a top DeFi borrowing and lending platform globally, Formo Holdings’ investment strategy has provided various financial innovations in the market today.

Even in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Formo Holdings is a high-performing financial service firm that delivers financial success for their clients, businesses, and not-for-profit customers in the markets today with a turnover of 3 billion USD in the closing 2nd quarter of 2022.

Much of this success goes into Formo Holdings’ latest venture into Spot Gold Trading in Forex markets. Formo Holdings’ traders and portfolio managers have outperformed and challenged convoluted and perplexing markets by performing extraordinary well. Trading Spot Gold (XAUUSD) in both the buy and sell directions on a total movement of more than 30,000 pips over the course of the previous six months allowed Formo Holdings to double their gains overall, with close to 58 million USD turnover in the month of July 2022 alone.

The uncertainty, worldwide economic slowdown due to the ongoing pandemic, geopolitical tensions, supply, demand, and investor behaviour are currently the key fundamental drivers of gold prices.

Recently, Formo Holdings introduced a Forex Trading Program for applicants that met the requirements by completing the Formo Holdings admission exam. Formo Holdings conducts comprehensive technical, analytical, and fundamentals-based real-time trading sessions on Real ECN accounts as part of this training program, executing more than 5000 trades in 1000 trading hours. Additionally, they give students the chance to interact with and learn from the Formo Trading Algorithms’ trading strategy and signals as they are applied in real-time on active ECN trading terminals by automated trading robots.

“One should trade very carefully by analyzing technical levels, fundamentals, and establishing financial market correlations in the right direction & balance since the volatility is out of control and the chance of errors is quite high since past data doesn’t guarantee current or future trends,” Jeremiah Della Pena, newly appointed Chief Trading Officer at Formo Holdings, concluded.

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