BRB Mining: Bitcoin financing broke the financing record again, and mining investment is in a boom

In recent years, virtual currencies have been the hottest in the investment market. Mining investment is at the peak of the industry. Recently, according to financial news, the much-watched BRB Mining platform received another £600 million in financing on September 28. This round of investment was led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a well-known American investment institution, including Goldman Sachs founder David Solomon.

BRB Mining has set off a new upsurge in the mining investment market. As a powerful platform, BRB Mining has been operating with integrity for ten years, and is committed to building a diversified service platform to provide investors with safer, more professional, more comprehensive and more in-place mining investment services.

Official data shows that as of this month, users of the platform have invested more than £60 billion in mining, managed more than 8.9 million mining machines, and raised a total of £8 billion. Its Bitcoin mining pool accounts for more than 4.21% of the global hash rate and is widely recognized by global investors. It is worth mentioning that BRB Mining received 760 million pounds of financing in the early stage, which was used for mining construction, data security, and ensured users’ continuous and stable mining, which greatly enhanced the confidence of investors.

In recent years, the field of virtual currency investment has developed rapidly. The huge market demand requires a perfect professional service platform. The continuous strengthening of policies in various countries has also promoted the construction of an orderly environment for virtual currency investment. A number of established service brokerage companies have brought a more mature model to the industry, and have used cutting-edge technology to continuously upgrade their services to benefit investors, allowing them to quickly seize the boom in the mining investment field without leaving home.

Among them, BRB Mining is widely favored by investors. It is understood that the platform constantly combines the latest market demand, explores potential investment opportunities in hot areas, constantly expands and enriches investment categories, penetrates into all walks of life and obtains certification from multinational institutions, and has a complete range of products and business scope to achieve a one-stop service system.

It is reported that most of BRB Mining’s team are from top Internet companies, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and have a large number of expert teams in electrical, network security, and renewable energy. BRB Mining has successfully achieved many brilliant achievements over the years. At present, BRB Mining has received strong support from the British government, and it has also accelerated the global layout of the platform, injecting strong impetus into sustainable and efficient operations.

Regarding the future vision, the CEO of BRB Mining said that the British government’s Department of Energy negotiated with the Icelandic government and won the most favorable electricity price and various support for its mining in Iceland. A big thank you to the UK government! With the strong support of various government departments, BRB Mining will demonstrate strong resource integration capabilities, promote the sustainable and efficient development of mining investment, and provide services to global users through technological innovation.

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