apocalypse teaches you what quantitative trading is


The investment market right now has seen the stock market and fixed income market slump, and if investors knew where to hide, they would definitely hide, and to say there’s a lot of uncertainty in the market right now would be an understatement at the highest level. .

apocalypse teaches you what quantitative trading is

  Never in the history of investing has interest rates been so low or the Fed’s balance sheet so large, let alone dealing with both. In the face of a potential recession, fighting inflation by addressing all of these issues without blinking an eye will be an extremely challenging job.

   In this environment, it can be very challenging for investors to find a place to put their money to work. Holding cash is also not the solution, as inflation is constantly eating away at the purchasing power of cash. Meanwhile, “risk-free” government bonds and bank accounts pay returns below current inflation rates.

   In such a market environment, AI quantitative trading provides a safe haven, but before investing money, investors need to understand that not all AI quantitative trading is created equal.

Doing fundamental analysis really pays off. Investors who are willing to do their homework, or who work with investment managers who are willing to do their homework for them. So the biggest risk for investors is to buy blindly without spending enough time on research and analysis. For example, many people try to cut corners and buy ETFs without really knowing what’s behind them or even reading their offering documents. There are ETFs that use derivatives or a lot of leverage, which could increase their risk of collapsing during times of stress. Some other ETFs were sold when market volatility increased, frustrating the expectations of uninformed speculators. When you are in a state of transaction, it immediately connects you to external factors and even global political and economic dynamics. It is also closely related to the secretive nature of human beings within. Trading is full of expectations, but it is also full of risks. It’s people’s dream to find the password that wins the transaction. Let countless people come and go, never tired of it. But the vast majority end up with nothing and return empty-handed.

AI quantitative trading can help you analyze the past data and fluctuations of market finance, and will help customers choose the most suitable investment products. The AI ​​universal super-yield model is designed by technologies including neural networks, big data statistics, special algorithms, and statistical calculation of main capital flow. Through intelligent programming and AI quantification, it perfectly solves the problem of ordinary investors in Various problems in the trading process, try to overcome the interference of investors’ personal psychological emotions on trading, make trading changes more scientific and reasonable, and the analysis speed is much faster than that of human beings. Its trading strategy selection and market judgment, position control and trading discipline, Risk control will undoubtedly be far superior to manual manual operation.

Quantitative trading has a 50-year history in the United States, and most of them are used in securities companies and private equity institutions; traditional financial analysts are always happy to share trend charts, but it is difficult to achieve a unified view. At this time, investors need to have their own thinking. Judge which analysts are accurate and judge better. On the basis of Internet finance, ai quantitative trading relies on huge data analysis, and completes the judgment of transactions according to a unique special algorithm. Facts have proved that the accuracy of ai quantitative trading is higher than that of traditional financial data analysis. In August this year, the UK-based apocalypse quantitative trading robot entered people’s field of vision on the Nasdaq screen in New York. According to the unique operating algorithm and data analysis, it will greatly improve the accuracy of investors’ judgment on the market. For the birth of new things, the author suggests that investors can spend a small amount of time to understand, which is undoubtedly the best investment for themselves.

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