Blockchain-Powered NFT Game Redefines Power Distribution in the Energy Market

Experience the thrill of becoming an oil tycoon with a brand-new blockchain-powered NFT game! Players can acquire oil fields, extract oil, and survey for new reserves to build their own business empires.

The game introduces a game-changing mechanism that allows players to decide the distribution of oil output across fields in Europe, the Middle East, and North America through OpecDAO’s voting power.

But that’s not all! In this exciting virtual world, players can socialize and collaborate with friends to earn extra rewards and eventually rule the energy world together.

Blockchain-Powered NFT Game Redefines Power Distribution in the Energy Market

“Get ready to live the dream of an oil tycoon with this thrilling new game! With its unique features, players can experience the rush of building and running their own thriving oil companies. And the best part? Unlike the real world, where the industry is often dominated by a select few, In this decentralized oil metaverse, power distribution is not predetermined and fixed, giving all players a fair chance to succeed and thrive. Moreover, while competition is natural in the business world, collaboration is often the key to success. The game’s socialization features encourage players to work together, demonstrating that collaboration can be just as crucial as competition.” said a spokesperson for the game.

Built on multiple chains, including Arbitrum, Core, and BNB Smart Chain, $Oil is the main token for transactions, production, incentives, and governance. With a maximum supply of 21 billion $Oil, where 95% is available as game rewards and only 5% is reserved for team development and initial liquidity, the game has deflationary measures in place to maintain consistent demand.

The game imposes a 10% purchase tax and a 5% sales tax on $Oil tokens to curb any potential negative impact of speculation on the secondary market. The game also has a dynamic output mechanism that keeps the market vibrant, even during slow periods. With this system, players have the potential to earn a return of 200-400% on their investment over time.

Join the game now and claim your place as an oil industry leader! Early joiners also receive limited edition collectible oil tycoon NFTs, which grant players exclusive privileges and more say in the virtual world!






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