AirMachin To Create A High-quality Home

As the pace of life accelerates, people are busy with work and running around the city, and when night falls, they wish to return to a comfortable home where they can forget the day’s fatigue, a home where the seasons are like spring, a home where the temperature is appropriate, and a home where the air is as fresh as the forest after the rain. This time, you need AirMachin air conditioning, it will bring you a different home experience.

AirMachin is a company that focuses on comfort environment system design, research and development, production, sales, construction and technical support. AirMachin technology to “health, comfort, energy saving AirMachin Technology aims at “health, comfort and energy saving” and pursues the life concept of “new life and constant health” to create a comprehensive ecological living environment for customers.

AirMachin To Create A High-quality Home

Since its establishment, AirMachin Technology has always adhered to the spirit of craftsmanship, pursued perfect quality and provided professional services. Every year, we invest heavily in the research and development of core technologies and the optimization and improvement of systems, using inverter outdoor units, system ducts and end flexible silent ducts, linear or claw-type air outlets/return vents, indoor NEST controllers, virus-killing plasma air purifiers, UV intensity 10,000 times the intensity of sunlight, photocatalytic oxidation technology, Filtrete 3M purification filters, system end Advanced technology such as flexible silent pipe construction process to create an all-round ecological living environment for you.

When you install an AirMachin air conditioner, you’ll reap the benefits of an extremely comfortable, high-quality home with.

1. A home without temperature difference

Indoor temperature difference ±1℃, precise temperature control, refuse to be cold and hot

2. to enjoy the ultimate peace and quiet home

No indoor electromechanical equipment, no additional noise from the system , a quiet environment to enjoy a deep sleep

3.Passable Home    

Concealed work lives with the building, and equipment iterations do not need to destroy interior finishes.

4.The ultimate healthy air home

Air treatment unit built-in fresh air system, multiple purification, sterilization, the exclusion of harmful volatiles, 3M’s unique three-in-one technology for design, can capture a variety of harmful air particles. Good air good body, good body good mood.

5.Intelligent five constant ecosystem of the home

Temperature, humidity, oxygen, cleanliness, cleanliness its control in the best range suitable for the human body, so that comfort is formed naturally.

6.Architectural style design freedom home

AirMachin original revolutionary “small duct, high air speed, multi-point, soft air” air conditioning technology, in the design of the decoration can be arbitrary, do not have to be bound by the air conditioning.

Are you impressed by such a home? If you pursue the “new life, constant health” concept of life, if you focus on air conditioning comfort and quality of life, AirMachin will be your second choice.

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