ZOS been awarded a chance entering metaverse – Building a bridge between NFTs and GameFi

The blockchain industry has gradually come out of the initial stage of development. The traditional investment circles also perceive that the next five to ten years will be a golden period for the development of metaverse, and the channel for investment transformation has been opened. At present, the NFT projects related to the metaverse field are basically still in the early stage, and the early layout of investment institutions will have the opportunity to gain greater dividends.

ZOS been awarded a chance entering metaverse – Building a bridge between NFTs and GameFi

In recent years, with the capital market and natural UGC acceptance and KOL entrance effect, the concept and market of NFT are continuing to grow in popularity, from the creation of a single product to ecological derivation; from the transformation of asset trading to meta-universe empowerment, the concept logic continues to deepen and the value model continues to upgrade. As for the future development direction and scenario extension of the NFT area, the key point is that if we want to try to break through the logic of the association between virtual and reality, NFT will certainly become an indispensable and important element of the metaverse.

In 2021, GameFi occupied the traffic pool of the blockchain industry for a time, as the interactivity and coverage of the game have become the preferred vessel for attracting traffic and converting to cash in terms of operational experience and the number of mutual users. However, the transformation from traditional Internet gaming to GameFi is not something that can be done easily and successfully. Each step of the process, such as the underlying protocol, talent matching, technology upgrading and model reinvention, must be solid and steady. Products and users that have undergone multiple market screening and elimination of the best and the worst can truly participate.

It is foreseeable that the combination of NFT and GameFi will be outstanding projects in blockchain and metaverse investments. And based on the current simple infrastructure and early accumulation phase, the application and expansion of large GameFi bearers are only tiny steps forward.

 ZOS (Zeus Operating System), the foundation public blockchain of metaverse created by distributed geek group, breaks the limitation that traditional public blockchain smart contract code program cannot carry large interactive games and a large number of ecological applications, and is regarded as the world’s first application-level public blockchain operating system for building super metaverse ecology. It breaks through the limitations of smart contracts, generates a unified “library protocol” in smart contracts, and establishes an efficient programmable operating system, which greatly improves the ability to develop more complex large-scale applications. ZOS DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) distributed geek group has consumed more than 30 million USD in technical costs after more than three years of R&D. Although it has attracted some capital attention and strategic investment in the early stage, ZOS main network has not yet been launched and private placement is still in progress. While the main network of ZOS will be launched soon, based on the concept of DAO, it exclusively uses HTT (Hyper Threading Technology) to solve the TPS (Transaction Per Second) problem. Under the premise that the underlying main chain adopts slicing technology, Hyper Threading is used in the side chain to realize the infinite overlay possibility of single node multiplexed processing multiple programs and TPS, while enhancing the high concurrency processing capability. It is reported that ZOS will conduct TPS testing in the first quarter of 2022.

Much of the foresight of ZOS is reflected in its design logic for large GameFi runs, and the fact that NFT naturally straddles and blends the traditional Internet and GameFi market experiences. As the popularity fades, many NFT and GameFi major projects cannot escape the cyclical turnover of flash in the pan, and the generation of qualitative changes is a major trend and a thickening of the foundation, whether ZOS can tear open a phenomenal entrance to the metaverse lies in the series of basic conditions that have been silently built through long-term accumulation gradually surfacing, and is about to cope with the rapid changes in the market and application-level practical tests. What will be the scenario and experience that can open up with this long gestation? Stay tuned for updates.

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