xOx.app The Art Of Financial Instrument on Blockchain

x0x.app, which is a Crowd marketing platform with Fund flow programs based on blockchain technology, aims to connect global members to the digital fund flow economy by harnessing blockchain technology that provides users with a transparent way of distributing funds through smart contracts powered by (TRONSCAN) creating the art of financial Instrument, x0x.app harnesses the power of the community to be the driving force of the economy for the limitless future.



xOx.app The Art Of Financial Instrument on Blockchain

“Due to the widespread adoption and social acceptance of the modern information age, crowdfunding expanded on a large scale, providing the infrastructure to reach millions of investors and supporters online. Today, through blockchain disruption, crowdsourcing could be revolutionized to unlock new uses and provide global reach. x0x.app was designed to help people explore the full potential of global fund flow powered by blockchain disruption,” said one of the developers.

The developer stated that on the sixth month campaign benchmark, more than 10,000 users have registered and the numbers are likely to hit 50,000 at the end of first quarter 2023. As of October 1, 2022, over $50million USDT has been invested in campaign 1.

The developer also quoted Businesswire
, stating that global crowdfunding market is forecasted to grow by $196.36 billion during the period of 2021 until 2025 with blockchain technology and niche crowdfunding platforms set to lead to a sizable demand. Taking this into account, x0x.app will be looking to gain traction within the global fintech sector, especially in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

Contact person : Esten Koh

Contact number : +65 98679978

Contact Email : [email protected]

Link : x0x.app

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