Why do investors like Leoborfg?

Now, Digital Currency has been applied and developed vigorously under the impetus of the digitalization tide.

Based on the Internet and computer algorithms, the digital currency has changed the way of society, economy, and the interconnection of information by using ultra-low-cost and completed currency creation, circulation, and transactions even across borders, further influencing currency and payment systems.

Although most countries have not defined the legal status of private digital currency, the risks and challenges had been brought by it have attracted great attention from the international community, and many countries have introduced relevant regulatory policies according to their national conditions.

Some of them lack national credit endorsement at the time of issuance. After issuance, digital currency can freely flow across borders with the help of unrestricted cyberspace, highlighting high risks.

Instead of choosing Leoborfg, you will have the following advantages:

Risk avoidance management

It covers almost all the factors that may interfere with the realization of transactions, including daily operation, the compliance review process, wallet security, risk reserve fund, and other key areas

Massive data support

It covers all kinds of trading market big data such as quotation, finance, asset allocation, theme, public opinion, etc., and timely provides accurate data to optimize trading strategies.

Algorithmic autonomous trading

Autonomous trading with the system algorithm, avoids artificial investment preferences, for investors to create more excess returns.

Simulated trading platform

A complete copy of the exchange matching mechanism, the independent simulation of the securities account system, for investors to make real evidence of the strategy.

Centre for Strategic Studies

With extensive knowledge of basic research and statistics, and econometrics, and provides rich high-frequency strategies based on Solidity, MATLAB, Python, and other research platforms.

Autonomous delivery system

Equipped with a high-performance language-internal delivery system, which can handle the second frequency data work, greatly shorten the trading cycle.

Optimal allocation of capital

Based on advanced mathematical knowledge, capital is allocated to different trading methods within the strategy to achieve optimal allocation.

Reduce transaction costs

Algorithmic trading can effectively reduce the impact of its trading orders on the market and reduce its transaction costs.

Frequency of HIGH-FREQUENCY trading

Provide corresponding services for customers with frequent trading needs, to create more revenue.

Multiple procedures for stability maintenance

To cope with more complex high-frequency end policies, we will provide Linux kernel modification, C/C++, assembly programming, and network delay optimization, providing more stability and technical support for our customers.

Accurate and efficient back test

Relying on the independent back test engine, it outputs strategy analysis for investors in-stock selection, timing, hedging, and other investment behaviors at a high speed.

Directed investment arbitrage

Though the quantitative trading system comprehensively scans the pricing and valuation opportunities in the whole market, and quickly finds the valuation depression for investment profit.

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