WEI Xin – the Leader of Intelligent Software Technology

(Reporter: Bingo Wei)

A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change is emerging, and the integration of big data with 5G, industrial Internet, Internet of vehicles, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other new generation information technology is having a significant and far-reaching impact on the economic development, social progress and people’s lives of all countries. The software industry has accelerated its development towards high quality, its structure has been continuously adjusted and optimized, new growth points continue to emerge, which is becoming an important driving force in the development of the digital economy and the evolution of a smart society. In the face of surging market changes, people’s new needs for software products and the future needs of industry development, how to promote software technology to achieve networked, service-based, intelligent, platform-based and integrated development has become a major issue in front of the software industry practitioners.

As a distinguished expert in the new generation of digital technology, Dr. WEI Xin confronts the challenges and pain points of the industry. With his own professional knowledge system, he painstakingly studied scientific and technological research and development, explored the future of industry development, and provided new opportunities and pointed out new directions for the development of the industry with extremely original and forward-looking technological achievements. Since 2020, he has independently developed a series of technical achievements such as “Map Update and Optimization System Based on Adaptive Algorithm V1.0”, “GIS Information Intelligent Analysis System Based on Data Mining V1.0”, “Java-Based GIS Database Application Management System V1.0” and “Intelligent Software Optimization System Based on Feedback Analysis V1.0”, and a series of technical achievements from algorithm to analysis, application and optimization system, etc. The successive release of these technical achievements are of great and far-reaching significance to promote the intelligent development of the software industry, stimulate the potential of the industry, and enhance the innovation ability of the industry.

Taking the “Intelligent Software Optimization System Based on Feedback Analysis V1.0” independently developed by WEI Xin as an example, the system uses the powerful data integration capabilities of big data and machine deep learning analysis technology to solve the problems of off-site collaboration and communication in the process of software development, constantly changing development environments when facing multiple development needs, low development efficiency and the changes in the rapid demand of customers cannot be met, which has led to a technological revolution in the software development industry. The system uses deep learning technology to monitor the operation status of the software by collecting real-time data through the computer back-end processor, understanding and collecting feedback on software requirements through natural language, calculating and intelligently analyzing the analysis model on the basis of comprehensive multiparty data with the computing power of the big data platform, and finally providing specific optimization solutions. This technology breaks through the limitations of manual monitoring operation, helps software engineers to complete the optimization and upgrading of software and other maintenance work in a short period of time, improves the efficiency of software operation, improves the efficiency of program decision-making, improves user experience, and empowers the development of the software industry.

After the release of ” Intelligent Software Optimization System Based on Feedback Analysis V1.0 “, it has been widely praised and the scope of application and promotion has been increasing. The persons in charge of several companies applying this system have said that the system is built on the basis of massive data and content collection and analysis to form feedback results, with high analysis efficiency and reliable analysis results, making a very significant contribution to optimal program decisions, and it is a truly effective intelligent software analysis system, as well as a product that is very adaptable to a wide range of fields with a large market.

Based on the in-depth study of the industry’s development history and current situation, WEI Xin’s thorough analysis and insights into the software industry have always attracted the attention of the industry. According to WEI Xin, the past decades have been a period of rapid development of computer hardware technology, which has created unlimited possibilities for the wide application of computers in various industries. However, from the perspective of the field of computer science, there is still a phenomenon of unbalanced development. The development of software technology is lagging behind the development of hardware technology, resulting in the superior computer computing power not being fully utilized. For a long time the software industry has been in a state of catching up with the development of hardware technology. In recent years, the rapid development of big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence has brought great benefits to the software industry and provided a new path for software technological breakthroughs. The development of the software industry will enter a period of blowout. The future of the software industry will continue to expand product fields, continuously increase research and development efforts, provide technical products, and develop in the direction of intelligence.

The era of artificial intelligence has opened, and the innovative development of the software industry needs more leaders like WEI Xin with outstanding talent, innovative spirit and courage to take charge. When talking about the future development, WEI Xin said: I have been engaged in digital technology research and development for many years, equipped with several years of successful experience in product development, market operation, cutting-edge technology research and development capabilities and systematic theoretical knowledge system. In the critical period of industry transformation and upgrading, I will continue to increase my R&D efforts to provide more and more practical application software, support software, and system integration technology. I hope to bring new ideas and directions for the development of the industry and provide reference and experience for digital technology research and development through the deep integration research of big data, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies with the software industry.

We firmly believe that in the wave of rapid development of the digital technology industry, WEI Xin will be able to stand at the forefront of the tide and move forward through one cutting-edge technology achievement after another. Let’s look forward to more surprises and technology products from him.

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