Web3 Sports M2E Cross-chain Gamefi App “MOVE” Will Airdrop NFT Shoeboxes To $GMT And $GST Holders

On 29th April, Web3 sports M2E cross-chain gamefi app “MOVE” decided to airdrop to $GMT and $GST holders. The airdrop will be divided into three phases. Total 1000 NFT showboxes (blind boxes). At the first phase will airdrop 500. Holders just need to complete tasks and verification in the discord to get the shoebox.

According to reports, “MOVE” has completed the first public sale of 2022 OG NFTs on the official website (https://move.game/) and the Gate NFT market. Currently, OG NFT is only available in the Gate NFT market at the price of 100U. OG NFT will have rights such as token airdrop. Now “MOVE” is expected to launch in mid-May. The second and third phases of NFT shoebox sales will also begin in May.

“MOVE” is a Web3 sport app with gamefi and scoialfi attributes. MOVE’s sneaker NFT has the distinct animation style, and it is also the first move-to-earn game that supports cross-chain game assets in the Web3. In the nearby future, committed to creating a Web3 Keep, “MOVE” will adapt to smart watches, add socialfi function, personalise health suggested plan and virtual coaches, etc.

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