Web 3.0 Eco-infrastructure Torah’s token VP has been listed on Hotcoin Exchange

According to the official announcement, the token of Torah Main Network VP has been listed on the global leading exchange-Hotcoin at 4:00 pm (UTC+8) on August 6th, 2022, and it supports deposits and withdrawals both on BSC and Matic chains. The market and global major communities all keep a close eye on it!

Torah pioneered Proof of Data interaction (POD data interaction proof) to build the Web3.0 storage infrastructure. Vortex Protocol (Vortex Protocol) is the core protocol layer of Torah, and VP for short is Torah’s ecological token, which plays an indispensable role in the entire ecosystem. Contribute incentives to Torah’s low-carbon resources, contribute multiple solutions to new storage, and provide basic guarantees for Web3.0.

Web 3.0 Eco-infrastructure Torah’s token VP has been listed on Hotcoin Exchange

Torah, as the world’s first decentralized storage ecological application public chain that enables distributed energy management, provides new opportunities for the digital transformation of the energy industry since it is featured by distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm. Its POD (Proof of Data interaction) data interaction technology gives full play to the basic, strategic and leading role of the new infrastructure of Web 3.0, makes the core technology breakthrough and technology integration of the blockchain, explores application innovation, and creates a “blockchain + Energy” ecology, to promote the high-quality leap-forward development of the storage ecology.

Torah is one of the essential components of the Web 3.0 ecosystem and the Metaverse; and VP is the only token in the entire Torah ecosystem. The global consensus will be reached and storage of Torah’s Web 3.0 ecosystem will be built since the landing on the Pearcoin exchange.


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