WANG Liu, An Expert on Commercialization of the Big Health Industry: Led by Technology, Improve the Efficiency of Drug Supervision

(Reporter: Jonathan Miller)

Using a set of intelligent systems, it is possible to know all aspects of the drug supply chain including procurement, production, distribution, retail, etc., and to track and supervise every link of the drug in real time. The relevant person in charge of a large pharmaceutical institution in China has realized the real-time, transparent and safe supervision of drugs through the “Drug Supervision and Management Information System Based on B/S Architecture V1.0”, which not only solves the problem that hospitals, pharmacies, and enterprises need to spend a lot of manpower and financial resources on drug supervision and management in the past, but also improves work efficiency, reduces operating costs, and creates considerable economic and social benefits for enterprises. The developer of such highly advanced and practical scientific research results is WANG Liu, an expert in the field of commercialization of China’s big health industry.

WANG Liu is a leader in the commercialization of the big health industry in China and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Since 2013, WANG Liu has been deeply involved in the commercialization of the big health industry. While accumulating rich practical experience, he also has a deep understanding of many pain points and difficult problems in the commercialization of the big health industry. In order to solve these difficult problems, WANG Liu has worked hard and in-depth research for many years, and finally combined artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other international advanced technologies with the commercialization of the big health industry, and made a breakthrough and independently developed a number of highly innovative and applicable scientific research achievements, and ” Drug Supervision and Management Information System Based on B/S Architecture V1.0″ is one of her many outstanding scientific research achievements. The emergence of this technological achievement has solved the shackles of huge data load in medical supervision, cumbersome medical material resources, and inability to share information, which has had a subversive impact on the intelligent development of the commercialization of the big health industry.

WANG Liu said that medicine is a special commodity for curing diseases and saving people, and it is related to the health and life safety of the people. From the current point of view, the international drug safety situation is generally stable, but there are still deficiencies in the management of changes in some drug production processes, the quality and efficacy of some generic drugs are not yet accurate, and the supervision of some high-risk products needs to be strengthened, and there is still a gap between the expectations of the people for drug safety. Especially at present, the approval and marketing of the new coronavirus vaccine and the quality and safety of the new coronavirus vaccine are highly concerned at home and abroad. After the new coronavirus vaccine is launched on the market, mass production and inoculation, the number of supervision tasks has increased several times, and it is a severe test for the ability of drug supervision. It is imperative to improve the medical information traceability system and provide strong professional technical support for drug supervision.

It has to be said that WANG Liu’s multi-dimensional insight is indeed keen, and the “Drug Supervision and Management Information System Based on B/S Architecture V1.0” also appeared just right. With its superior technical research and development level and excellent application value, the system stands out among many intelligent supervision systems, and has been widely used in many pharmaceutical companies or institutions. After a period of practical testing, it has been widely recognized and praised.

According to the feedback from relevant application companies, compared with other intelligent supervision systems, the system accurately identifies and supervises the whole process of medical information, and realizes highly transparent and real-time insights into medical supervision, leaving traces everywhere. Specifically, the system includes multiple modules such as drug name information entry module, business logic module, drug supervision module, data access module, database module, etc., and integrates advanced RFID identification technology, big data technology, etc. Through the construction of a new information management platform for pharmaceutical supply chain, the functions of pharmaceutical product purchase, sales, adjustment, storage, statistical inquiry, data analysis, GSP management, important commodity information alarm, whole-process logistics tracking and multi-account management are realized. In addition, the system’s systematic management of the pharmaceutical industry not only includes monitoring and recording of all-round quality management links in the drug circulation process, such as: drug business approval, quality inspection, file registration, staff health inspection records, etc., but also includes multi-dimensional cross-combination queries on commodities, cargo locations, batch numbers, expiration dates, dates, departments, and customers.

Up to now, ” Drug Supervision and Management Information System Based on B/S Architecture V1.0″ has helped a large number of pharmaceutical-related enterprises in China to solve difficult problems such as huge medical data load, cumbersome material resources, and inability to share information. And through real-time and accurate supervision and management, it has provided an effective and reliable reference for the traceability of medical information. Many industry experts have said that the system has not only created considerable economic and social benefits for pharmaceutical-related companies, but also helped push the commercialization of the big health industry into a new era of intelligence, science and digitization.

Health without borders. Behind the development of the global health industry, there are endless wisdom and efforts of health industry R&D experts like WANG Liu. It is believed that in the future, WANG Liu will use her unremitting efforts and outstanding technological achievements to bring more solid survival guarantees to all mankind and escort the health of all mankind.

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