Value-driven DeFi Simba is expected to promote continued prosperity in the DeFi market

With bitcoin price soaring, bullish sentiment in the entire cryptocurrency market is particularly strong.Thanks to the market drive, DeFi has also made a breakthrough, and its total TVL climbed in a straight line. According to the latest Debank data, the total TVL of DeFi locked on the whole network has reached $180 billion, and the booming market also makes a variety of new DeFi applications emerge with the heat of the industry.

Value-driven DeFi Simba is expected to promote continued prosperity in the DeFi market

Continuously hot DeFi market, Simba came from behind

DeFi has been regarded as a breaking sword of traditional finance and the main development direction of the encryption industry. The progress of encryption finance increasingly diversifies, and promotes the change of the DeFi industry. The most direct performance in the application transformation is from ecological application to value application, among them, there is the figure of Simba.

Like the recently popular Safemoon, Simba is a value DeFi application, but unlike Safemoon, Simba has made a lot of innovations on its basis.

Sustainable curve returns

As the “favored son of the sky” on the BSC chain, Safemoon has experienced a high annual interest rate and certificate increase, and less than a month, the market value reached more than $100 million, gaining a large number of fans.Over the next half month, Safemoon developed rapidly and reached $11.64 billion market size, bringing up to 217.17% profit for investors.

But it is also the “Damocles blade” hanging over the Safemoon, and the lack of internal support will quickly enter the fading phase over time.This is also the “common problem” for most DeFi project. It is difficult to bring long-term and stable value benefits to users without internal support.

Simba is the exception. Simba, as an innovative DeFi application, has improved the pain point, through the automatic LP, to prevent price fluctuations, so as to support the stability of the token price, to provide users with a solid price bottom line and buffer, to ensure that in the value growth at the same time, to achieve steady and long-term curve returns.

· Remove the foam and restore the certificate value

The explosive growth of DeFi has put the whole market in the mood of Fomo, so most DeFi tokens will be pushed by the market to a higher and bubble valuation, the market is good, will not show signs, but once the market is bad, the price drops, then there will be a stampede effect, it is easy to let users lose money.

Simba has recognized the value control of tokens and has eliminated this possibility from the underlying mechanism. It adopts the destruction mechanism, which destroys fixed commission charges for each transaction. Even if the market pushes up the price of Simba, it will remove most of the value bubbles because Simba has been in ecological deflation. And finlly, Simba realizes application value.

After a closer analysis of Simba, we know why Simba can “come up with it.” Because Simba’s innovation, in terms of revenue mechanism and ecological development, has completely solved the two pain points troubling DeFi application. In the long run, it is only a matter of time for Simba to optimize the revenue model and surpass Safemoon.

In addition, Simba has far-reaching development and extensive application in ecological layout. It anchors DeFi to provide comprehensive financial services in various industries and fields. With the bold reform of advanced decentralized applications, tools and financial products, it is expected to build a strong expansion foundation on a global scale.The combination of Simba projects and DeFi’s disruptive technology is definitely a great combination of the year! Now this advanced aggregation model has begun to land in gaming, medical care and education.

Multi-industrial chain structure, to accelerate the ecological development of Simba

Traditional DeFi is more on DeFi application as the core, a single ecological landing direction, without practical value support, the development of the whole application is shackled by the currency price.Simba borrowed from many DeFi applications, the landing direction on the whole industry, rather than a single DeFi field, Simba to DeFi as the entry point, from the upstream and downstream of the encryption industry chain, to create a global medical + transaction + DeFi comprehensive service platform, through the distributed characteristics of encryption technology, DeFi innovation to drive medical innovation, education innovation, encryption technology application in more places need to change.

Such a grand vision and landscape has also led Simba to a new value transition completely opposite to other traditional DeFi applications.To better support Simba’s layout, Simba also underwent a “self-iteration” in product logic.Build a “four-in-one” of decentralized wallet + hardware wallet + GameFi module + online education platform to realize the rapid development of multi-industrial chains.

  • Decentralized Wallet swallet: Help Simba to aggregate the assets on the chain, realize multi-chain interconnection, and expand the ecological margin of Simba.
  • Hardware wallet hardware: Provide users with a safer and more convenient multi-functional “cold” wallet.
  • Game module: On the basis of DeFi, conduct in-depth exploration around NFT, realize the deep combination of NFT + DeFi, and create a fully open virtual game ecology under the mutual empowerment of the two innovative technologies.
  • Online education: through the online education platform, reduce the cost of users entering the encryption field, realize the efficient transmission of knowledge, and accelerate the industry reform through the form of public welfare.

brief summary

The development of DeFi application has become the development trend of the industry. Simba, has made multiple innovations in technology and mechanism, which has attracted the attention of a large number of users.History is always surprisingly similar, we can see from the development of Safemoon, Simba’s future is full of prospects, especially on the road of reforming update and following the trend of The Times. Simba has let us see how it sets the value of tuyere. As for whether Simba can promote DeFi market prosperity and reconstruct financial ecological model, even it is surrounded by the titional DeFi application. Then let’s wait and see!

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