The world’s first CNC based on the concept of new crown insurance concept will be launched on the Redford Exchange on August 8

According to official news, CNC, the world’s first new crown insurance concept token, will be launched on Redford, the world’s first and most trusted derivatives trading platform, to complete its debut! At the same time, the initial subscription of CNC will be held in Redford at 2022/08/08 14:00.

The world’s first CNC based on the concept of new crown insurance concept will be launched on the Redford Exchange on August 8

According to official information, since the outbreak of the new coronavirus in 2020, it has continued to spread globally so far. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus called on all countries to continue to monitor the new coronavirus. Turn a blind eye.” Public health experts from many countries have pointed out that the epidemic is not over yet, and we still need to remain vigilant!

In the face of this global public crisis, how the disease control and epidemic prevention system and emergency response system can operate effectively and efficiently is very important. At the same time, how to be fair, just and open in many application scenarios in the field of medical and health applications, including patient ID authentication, electronic medical records, clinical research and development, drug traceability, medical insurance claims, disease prevention and control, etc. The economic cycle system is also crucial!

With the vigorous development of blockchain technology in recent years, the emerging blockchain technology may bring new inspiration to the outbreak of new coronavirus prevention and control. Internationally, the research and application of blockchain in the field of disease prevention and control are very active. On the website of the American Medical Online Library, search for “blockchain” as the keyword, and you will find a total of 376 high-quality medical blocks. chain paper. In 2018, agencies such as the US Centers for Disease Control and the Global Health Security Association (GHSA) also made verifiable blockchain cases for public crises. Epidemic prevention and control is a systematic project of the whole society, and the monitoring and prevention of information technology cannot be ignored! Based on the positive effect of blockchain technology on the new coronavirus, it is integrated into the top concepts of the insurance industry. The concept of new crown insurance was born!

Introduction to CNC

About CNC (COVID-19 Insurance Concept) new crown insurance concept:

CNC (COVID-19 Insurance Concept) hereinafter referred to as CNC. CNC is a new type of coronavirus medical insurance and prevention application system based on blockchain technology advocated by the World Health Organization and created by the CNC Medical Insurance Foundation and the International Rescue Committee. It aims to achieve the goals of prevention and control of the global new crown epidemic, rescue of infected persons, and patient protection by introducing blockchain technology and encrypted assets (CNC tokens) to the insurance industry.

Advantages of CNC technology:

CNC can improve the rapid response ability of new crown virus prevention and control through blockchain

With the help of blockchain, CNC naturally has the advantages of trustworthiness, sharability, transparency, traceability and privacy protection, so as to shorten the response time in a timely and comprehensive manner. Blockchain can improve response to crisis events by sharing data among all CNC participants, selective privacy and ensuring data security, enabling the automation of secure data sharing and storage across different levels of health organizations. At the same time, the traceability of the blockchain, through the module based on geographic location, can quickly locate the active location of the infected person.

What international public safety monitoring blockchain application technologies are worth learning from CNC?

CDC and IBM cooperate to apply blockchain

At the end of 2018, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced a partnership with IBM to develop blockchain applications, dedicated to automatically collecting health data, keeping data secure, and recording visitor information through blockchain technology, with the goal of helping alleviate the epidemic in the United States, Antibiotic Prescribing and the Opioid Crisis.

Global Health Safety Association (GHSA) Blockchain Monitoring Model

The Global Health Security Organization (GHSA) is an international health organization, similar to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). GHSA advocates the use of blockchain technology in the medical field based on feasibility studies. GHSA proposes a blockchain-based public safety monitoring model.

Empowering the whole chain through the insurance industry

The blockchain’s tamper-proof distributed storage technology can ensure the authenticity of user information on the chain, facilitate cross-validation of information, and effectively prevent insurance fraud; at the same time, combined with CNC smart contracts, it can automate the insurance claim settlement process and reduce Offline labor costs and speed up the insurance business process. Real-time full-chain sharing of information through blockchain technology allows insurance consumers to directly connect with insurance products, eliminating a large number of intermediaries that existed in the past due to information asymmetry and aggravating the consumption cost of insurance products.

Set up a system-wide insurance service network through CNC:

CNC has built a global blockchain insurance value Internet to provide an insurance service network for various value applications including COVID-19 prevention and control, COVID-19 treatment drug and vaccine research and development, and supply chain management. CNC will completely reshape the existing insurance operation and risk mode in the new crown epidemic, transform the economic incentive system itself into a system that can circulate within the system, create a completely decentralized value transmission system, and also a completely open community ecology system. The main network is mainly carried in:

1. CNC+blockchain+emergency logistics/material traceability

2. CNC+blockchain+epidemic warning

3. CNC + blockchain + itinerary monitoring

4. CNC+Blockchain+Community Epidemic Prevention

5. CNC + blockchain + traceability of medical supplies

6. CNC+ medical data sharing

7. CNC+ medical invoice reimbursement

8. CNC+blockchain+public opinion supervision

9. CNC + blockchain + insurance claims

10. CNC+blockchain+charity

Token Economics:

The total circulation of CNC is 40 million, and the estimated circulation is 40 million. CNC tokens will be launched on Redford, the world’s first and most trusted derivatives trading platform. At that time, those interested in the new crown insurance concept token will invest in this CNC Tokens can be easily bought and sold on the Redford Exchange. Redford was established in 2017 and has a good reputation in many trading platforms. The launch of CNC will undoubtedly bring a new wave of traffic to the trading platform and attract more markets for it!

According to Redford’s announcement (link:, the details are as follows:

The initial subscription of CNC (COVID-19 Insurance Concept) will be held at 14:00 on 2022/08/08. The specific subscription rules are as follows:

Subscription time: 2022/08/08 14:00-20:00

Subscription price: 1.5 USDT

Subscription threshold: (50CNC)

Total purchase amount: 40000000 CNC

Application winning rate: (30%)

In order to promote the sustainable and stable development of the CNC project, the CNC / USDT trading pair will be locked after the transaction is opened, and unlocked when the following conditions are met.

1. CNC price reaches 2.25USDT

2. Currency trading time: 7 days

CNC is scheduled to trade on August 11, 2021.

The initial price is: 1.5 USDT.

The launch of the new crown insurance concept token CNC is subversive and has a positive role in promoting new crown insurance practitioners, institutional users, workers and the government. It is reported that CNC has reached strategic agreements with a number of government agencies and related practitioners to help its development in the global market. Let us look forward to the performance of CNC in the future, and hope that CNC can achieve good results in the trading market.

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