The value of HOO and the global expansion of Hoo

2021 is a year full of challenges and opportunities, and it is also a year of full expansion of Hoo’s ecology.

On October 20, 2021, Dubai’s “Future Blockchain Summit 2021” ended perfectly. Hoo attracted a lot of attention at this exhibition, the company has been featured in leading media outlets in the Middle East, such as Gulfnews and TechX.

As the core city in the Middle East, Dubai is the gateway to the Middle East market.In August of this year, Hoo set up a global operations center in Dubai to seek compliance development on a global scale based on Dubai.

As Hoo sets its sights on a global market of regions and countries that support cryptocurrencies, its foray into globalization will also lead to a qualitative breakthrough in terms of user volume, transaction volume and various revenues. The development of Hoo has reached a new level, and the value it creates is also promoting the value-added of HOO. Empowering HOO is also the core reason why Hoo focuses on improving the ecology soon.

Two days before the start of the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, Hoo Smart Chain released the HOO ecological white paper, introducing the circulation of HOO in detail. In HSC, as well as more than 20 enabling scenarios that have been launched and have not yet been launched in Hoo’s different cryptocurrency service scenarios.

In the last 10 days, the Hoo Global platform Token HOO has risen from $0.55 to a maximum of $0.81, an increase of 47%.

According to the HOO ecological white paper, the total supply of HOO tokens is 100 million, and the current total circulation token is 82,430,424.1015, the uncirculated token is 17,569,575.8985, which will still be used for ecological construction, including support for the development of high-quality sectors in the future and as an incentive to make important contributions to the ecology.

The circulation of platform tokens such as OKB, FT, BNB, HT, etc., as well as the trading volume of the corresponding exchange and the comparison of the trading volume of Hoo. According to Coingecko data, the total amount of OKB is 300 million, the price on October 26 is $25.34, and the circulating market value is $6,716,040,313.

After multiple destructions, according to Coingecko data, the current total supply of BNB is about 168.1 million, at the same time, the price is $486.61, and the circulating market value is $82,035,807,651.

Compared with top platforms such as Binance and OKEx, Hoo still has a lot of room for growth. Recently, Hoo has been moving continuously, upgrading and innovating on the product side to create a good experience for users. The market expansion aspect made a high-profile appearance at the Dubai Future Blockchain Summit and became the focus of media attention.

As Hoo continues to grow, the value-added of HOO will follow Hoo’s rise in user volume, transaction volume, and other core data.