The quantum era has arrived, and the quantum communication token QTC will open its initial subscription on the Redford Exchange on August 20

Recently, the field of quantum communication has finally ushered in good news. Redford, a global derivatives trading platform fully regulated by MSB, announced that its quantum communication token QTC will be launched on the platform at 15:00 on the 20th of this month. The token will also be listed on the platform in the future. The announcement of this news will be the hottest topic in the entire quantum technology field. Many technology enthusiasts and watchers are very interested in the proposal of new concepts, and they are optimistic about its development in the technical field and encrypted digital field.

The quantum era has arrived, and the quantum communication token QTC will open its initial subscription on the Redford Exchange on August 20

What is quantum communication?

Quantum communication is a new communication method that uses quantum superposition and entanglement effects to transmit information. Based on the three principles of uncertainty in quantum mechanics, measurement collapse and unclonability, it provides an absolute security guarantee that cannot be eavesdropped and computationally cracked. Divided into quantum teleportation and quantum key distribution.

Quantum communication has many characteristics, the biggest advantage is absolute security and high efficiency! In the transmission of information, the use of quantum communication technology will encrypt the transmission. The key in the whole process is not fixed and full of randomness. Even if it is intercepted by relevant personnel, it is not easy to obtain real information. Strong anti-interference ability, good concealment performance, low noise and the possibility of wide application. Quantum communication was once considered to be an important direction of next-generation communication and computer technology research, and the future of secure communication. The practicalization and industrialization of quantum communication has also become the goal of various major countries.

About Blockchain:

Blockchain is a technology that accompanied the birth of Bitcoin. It is essentially a decentralized database. It is a series of data blocks associated with cryptographic methods. Each data block contains a Bitcoin network transaction. The information is used to verify the validity of its information (anti-counterfeiting) and generate the next block. Like a database ledger that records all transaction records.

The biggest feature of blockchain is decentralization, followed by de-trust and breaking information asymmetry. By comparison, due to the existence of trust problems, the bank settlement or payment system in daily life requires a central server or central institution to complete it, which is similar to the prestige elder who acts as a trust intermediary. The settlement system of Bitcoin is decentralized on the network. It is a decentralized settlement database. The destruction of individual database nodes does not affect the entire settlement network at all.

About Quantum Communication Token (QTC):

According to multiple reports, many researchers believe that the advancement of quantum technology will lead to the end of blockchain technology, because quantum computers can crack the most advanced blockchain encryption technology, and will be used as a more advanced way to protect data in the future. Take the high ground in the encrypted digital field! However, in fact, the relationship between quantum technology and blockchain is not necessarily completely isolated, Professor Silliy believes that quantum technology and blockchain technology will eventually merge into new technologies to create faster, safer and more helpful Revolutionary computing solutions for solving a variety of problems.

QTC quantum communication is one of the few in the world built by integrating quantum technology and blockchain technology. The quantum computing + blockchain was proposed by MIT AI engineer Chery and Burlington Computer Department professor and Turing Award winner Silliy in 2020. The smart contract protocol breaks through the limitations of traditional supercomputer principles and achieves a quantum communication ecosystem with the advantages of good confidentiality, large communication capacity, and fast information transmission speed, enabling QTC quantum communication to achieve decentralization, scalability and security. A platform that solves the “Impossible Triangle of Blockchains” to create a more secure blockchain than today’s protocols.

Quantum communication QTC can achieve absolute security, which is determined by the characteristics of quantum itself. No matter how strong the computing power is, it cannot be cracked. Therefore, it is revolutionary and can fundamentally and permanently solve the problem of information security.

The mission of QTC quantum communication:

QTC is committed to turning the economic incentive system itself into a system that can circulate within the system, creating a completely decentralized value transmission system, and at the same time a completely open community ecosystem that transcends national borders, allowing every participant to enjoy a new quantum Corresponding value can be obtained in the communication system.

The technical advantages of quantum communication QTC:

1. The absolute security of quantum communication technology can be used as the cornerstone of digital currency, and digital currency is defined by the quantum key of blockchain, for example, transfer application (blockchain application for quantum key distribution) + distribution of quantum key + Transfer (blockchain record)

2. The whole process of quantum secure communication includes two steps. The first step is the generation of the key, which uses the properties of quantum mechanics and requires special solutions and equipment. The second step is the transmission of ciphertext, which is ordinary communication, and any existing communication methods and facilities can be used.

3. Quantum key distribution technology can establish a secure communication key, and realize point-to-point secure communication through “one-time-one-pad” encryption.

4. Quantum Resistance Ledger (QRL), there is no fixed private key for a third party to steal from the public key. Every time a user signs a new transaction, the signature will be changed, improving the ability to fight against hackers.

Landing in the future field:

QTC verifies blockchain and application operations such as blockchain ledger data synchronization, consensus, ledger data reading and writing, smart contract management, and blockchain node management under the guarantee of quantum information security. The relevant functions and stability meet business operation expectations and fully It verifies the security, feasibility and stability of the combination of quantum communication + blockchain, and provides a new application demonstration for the implementation of quantum communication + blockchain technology in finance, government affairs, supply chain, smart city and other fields. At the same time, some experts believe that QTC quantum communication has huge security advantages in the fields of military, national defense and other information security, and the quantum communication industry is still a blue ocean with a broad future.

With the full deployment of quantum communication in the metropolitan area network, intercity network, and wide area network in the future, the application field of quantum communication will be extended to personal life, and the quantum communication market is expected to reach the level of 100 billion yuan by 2030.

About QTC token subscription:

The total amount of quantum communication token QTC opened on the Redford Exchange is 100,000,000. At that time, all investors and technology enthusiasts who are interested in the concept of quantum communication can subscribe on the Redford Exchange. Founded in 2017, Redford has a good reputation in the same type of trading platform in terms of technology, operation and service. This is the main reason why QTC chose to launch on this platform. At the same time, the editor believes that QTC will also Bringing a new wave of traffic to Redford to help the development of its market.

According to the Redford announcement (link:, the details are as follows:

Subscription time: 2022/08/20 15:00-24:00

Subscription price: 2.2USDT

Subscription threshold: (20QTC)

Total Subscription: 100000000QTC

Application winning rate: (15%)

In order to promote the sustainable and stable development of the QTC project, the QTC / USDT trading pair will be locked after the transaction is opened, and unlocked if any of the following conditions are met.

1. The price of QTC reaches 4.5USDT

2. Currency trading time: 7 days

QTC (Quantum Communication Concept) plans to open the QTC / USDT trading pair at 0:00 on August 21, 2022. The initial price is 3USDT.

The first launch of quantum communication QTC in Redford will most likely help solve many technical problems of our time, advancing technology in a way that we cannot meet, QTC integrates quantum cryptography itself into the blockchain, which will create a global communication technology. A safer and more democratized network will have a positive impact on the whole world, and I also hope that QTC will have good results in the digital encryption market.

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