The Most Popular Project Dogeking Appears in The Chinese New Year Gala

On March 29th , $DOGEKING  was listing on Hotcoin Global-which is a global cryptocurrency trading platform. The listing of $DOGEKING keeping its price surging. As of press time, the price of Dogeking had gained more than 80 percent. As the first star token that skyrocketed a thousandfold because of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala, what kind of a project is it? The contents below might show you something.

The Most Popular Project Dogeking Appears in The Chinese New Year Gala

Rise to Fame

Jan 31st , 2022 was the lunar new year. In the most-watched program of China: CCTV Spring Festival Gala, there was a witty skit named Will you pay it back?  Shen Teng-the famous Chinese comedian aroused the investment enthusiasm of audience by one sentence of his skit:” I do business about Doge in the Metaverse.” Dogeking is also the token of the same name. After the exposure of the skit, Dogeking was maintained a short-term long green line in the market chart, with price of Dogeking rose 1009.83% hit the biggest one-day rise, making it topped the gainers list in a short period of time. And the 24-hour transaction volume has reached $2.45 million (about 15.58 million RMB).

The skit (Will you pay it back?)  performed by the Mahua FunAge Production Team in the 2022 Spring Festival Gala was the sixth time that Shen Teng cooperated with his partner Ma Li, Chang Yuan and Allen also joined in the skit, who’s also the famous comedians of China. Metaverse and Dogeking were mentioned in this skit. I believe that Dogeking has the potential rising to 100 billion market value and the excellent future development space for it.  Mr.Shen said ” I do business about Doge in the Metaverse.”” Now all the big shots over the world wants to get a slice of cake.” Mr.Shen also called himself the “dogeking” of Metaverse. The price of dogeking soared up very fast on that night! Since then, the heat of market does not diminish and the price surge a thousandfold at one time!

Dogeking is a type of crypto derivatives of Dogecoin, which is the on-chain token of BSC. Dogecoin became the rage at the market due to the marketing of Elon Musk. The skit performed by Shen Teng this year on the Spring Festival Gala also made Dogeking popular, which is a type of derivatives coin of Dogecoin. The fact proves that the celebrity effect will have a greater impact on virtual cryptocurrencies. And the truth is – where the celebrity is, the value is.

People said the year 2022 is also the year of DAO. DAO is not only the way to govern the Metaverse, but also the way to run the Metaverse. Punch lines and network jokes sparks a heated debate among the netizens, they even joked that ‘’ Gotta find your ‘ Fortune Password‘ in CCTV Spring Festival Gala”, and there were also people of the Coin Circle told they’ll follow the investment of Metaverse Concept Stocks. From the listing of Roblox, the first Metaverse Concept Stock to Facebook takes a step toward building the metaverse and changing its name to “Meta”; From the Sequoia Capital, Jingwei Venture Capital (Beijing)Investment, Nanshan Cap and ZhenFund betting on the new track of Metaverse to the concept of Metaverse craze in A-share market, Dao of the Metaverse. The hottest investment trends since 2022 is undoubtedly the DAO of Metaverse. At present, DogekingDAO and SeconlifeDAO collaborate to build DAO, mainly to do investment and research, publicity, education, recruiting partners in the digital economy field, and sharing achievements. With the popularity of DogekingDAO and the sudden increase of fame and streams, SeconlifeDAO will rise rapidly. In the near future, you will see that open DAO is well known abroad and SeconlifeDAO is well known in domestic. Let’s take action and go down in history together!

Many investors still don’t know how many DOGEKING coins are issued? Here’s an overview of the total supply for this DOGEKING coin.

What Is The Total Supply of DOGEKING?

The total supply of DOGEKING coin is 100 billion, 57.79% of it has been destroyed currently, the Coin holding addresses are scattered, At present, the holder ranking first in the token holding list accounted for 1.64%, the rests are 0.73% at most. The project provider has given up the modification of access permission, and the pool will be locked till the year 2100. Dao community is an autonomous model. At present, their tokens were listed in four Exchanges, with more Exchanges continue to be connected in the follow-up. Community members are self-organized by coin holders, many of whom are professionals in various industries, they have been trying to promote the development of Dogeking. Since a marketing wallet already existed in the previous contract ,the original development team used 40% of the marketing wallet as domestic and international marketing promotion and publicity, 40% for repurchase and destruction, and 20% for reserve fund. With the continuous destruction, it will inevitably make the total supply of Dogeking gradually decrease and the unit price of coins become higher and higher. With the gradual promotion of the project by DAO community members and the gradual destruction of the original development team, Dogeking will continue to deflate.

Dogeking holds the Doge coins as dividends, which is different from most of the other coin projects to share dividends of their own coin, Dogeking share dividends of Doge, since the market cap of Doge is higher than other meme projects and it’s the originator of  all other meme coins. The price is stable, the large market investors can use the dividend to buy Dogeking coin to form the continuous buy order behaviors to support the market. And large investors can only get back into the market to form the new buy orders at other price levels after selling Dogeking. Small and medium-sized token holds can also buy Dogeking to accumulate a certain amount of dividends to continuously form the new buy orders. The handling fee of Dogeking is high, so if you would like to time the market, it will easily lead to losses, which is not conducive to the operation of buying and selling trading in a short time, but it is conducive to medium and long-term holding. Passive dividends can release profits, which can increase the project liquidity of Defi ecology and form a cycle. As long as the trading volume is stable, the dividends will be stable. If the holder is willing to continuously hold Dogeking for a long time, the longer he holds the coin, the more the profit will be, and the profiteer will have the motivation to show off and share, attracting acquaintances to hold and buy & sell the coin, so that the number of users holding the coin will keep increasing. There was a saying of Lao Tzu:“Dao begets One (nothingness; or reason of being), One begets Two (yin and yang), Two begets Three (Heaven, Earth and Man; or yin, yang and breath qi), Three begets all things.” When the stored energy reaches a certain critical point it will explode with amazing power.

Dogeking will be a classic case often mentioned in the future. It belongs to the cultural communication project in the field of meme, just like doge,shib,babydoge . Dogeking occupies the right time and the right place, which is an inherent advantage that other meme projects cannot match. Dogeking became popular at a very focused time, and one New Year’s Eve instantly became known to one fifth of the world’s human race. And it was born in a region where hero’s origin doesn’t matter, a region where no representative meme project has appeared so far in history, which is what gave Dogeking the opportunity.

In the future, we believe that DogekingDAO will create more interesting and fun ecological applications, which is a very challenging experiment. In the absence of a centralized organizational structure, every DAO member needs to have a high degree of consensus and willingness to share technology and time for the community in order to make DogekingDAO a classic case of DAO.

When the Internet enters the field of blockchain, a small difference between a product may change the whole product life cycle, please do not underestimate the simple model of Dogeking, which has the technology of Defi2.0 and Web3.0 framework. In the future , as long as the price of Doge rises, the price of Dogeking will rise rapidly, If the price of Dogeking is driven up, then whole ecology of meme will also be linked , which is an ecological series relationship. Doge is the propaganda project of Elon Musk, presumably Musk is also the big investor of Doge, let us together divide Musk’s property at the same time witness how D hand in hand with the warriors of the East to fight the coin’s mountain. Let’s share profits of the project recommended by Musk and witness how Dogeking joins hands with the oriental soldiers to build your fortune with meme.

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