The most attractive blue chip NFT-PunkApeClub

Now there is no denying that NFT is becoming mainstream. In the past few years, NFT(irreplaceable token) has been making headlines and most people figure out post-NFT, followed by a surge in demand.And, as money pours into the sector, the market matures, and the underlying value proposition becomes more transparent and reliable, we are entering a new era of NFT!

The most attractive blue chip NFT-PunkApeClub

In terms of numbers, NFT is growing in the crypto space, with over $17 billion in transactions as of 2021.That figure is expected to balloon to $147 billion by 2026.Even more impressively, this transaction is held by fewer than 400,000 holders, with a total transaction volume of $47,000 per user!Globally, NFT is increasingly moving into everyday use, with NFT starting to explode, trading in more than $2 million per week and increasing the total market value of large NFT projects by as much as 2,000% in the space of a few months.

With the rapid rise of the industry, NFT itself has undergone great changes since its birth.For example, CryptoPunks, minted for free in 2017, rose to blue chip status and peaked at Sotheby’s last year with a sale price of $11.8m.A few years later, Larva Labs, the company responsible for creating Punk, was acquired by Yuga Labs, the parent company of Bored Ape Yacht Club.

PunkApeClub is the most attractive metaworld project on BSC. PunkApeClub includes collectibles, games, finance, metauniverse, and more, and ultimately builds an open punk ape world.In addition, PunkApeClub has a unique ecosystem and economic model that combines and innovates on the most popular concepts such as NFT, GameFi and metasverse.In the near future, PunkApeClub will evolve into a large decentralized metaboundary project with multiple different ecosystems and projects.

Collection plate: PunkApeClub 3D collection, divided into genesis card and share card two series.

Genesis card is divided into cyberpunk, knight, ninja, Virgin warrior four types.Genesis Card is the governance NFT of PunkApeClub and the core element of PunkApeClub — “Punk ape World”.There are 10 trands cards, corresponding to different varieties, each picture only one, extremely scarce and precious.Punk ape who holds trands card NFT has the exclusive proposal right of “PunkApeClub” governance, which is the only warrant of punk ape community governance, and has the basic rights and interests such as voting rights, bonus rights and supervision rights.

There are four different levels and four different series of sharing cards.The punk ape who holds the sharing card NFT has the same dividend rights and interests as the Chuangshika punk ape. Besides the decision-making rights, the punk ape also has the basic rights and interests such as voting rights, bonus rights and supervision rights.

Game plate: NFTs and games can be said to be the best way to combine, PunkApeClub PunkApe battle contains 100 different forms of punk ape, a total of 10 different punk ape class, punk ape battle “, each unique punk ape different unique attributes.Punk apes can choose their favorite gang and join them to help the gang get more rewards. In the first stage, there will be four varieties of punk apes, and the income earned by punk apes will be awarded to the corresponding genesis card holders!

The PunkApeClub financial and metacosmic sections also provide you with different choices and gameplay, and the DAO functional section will be released later.PunkApeClub is committed to expanding the application range of NFT and creating a sustainable ecological value NFT platform.

Currently, PunkApeClub has launched the first phase of infrastructure, a fully innovative NFT ape food pond.At this stage, as long as the owner of punk Ape NFT will have the opportunity to gain punk ape income, Punkapecclub will also quickly gather a number of loyal supporters.Now PunkApeClub has integrated the world’s top industry resources, including the association with more than 60+ top stream communities, they will work with PunkApeClub in ecological construction, and plan to cover BAYC, Loot, Azuki and other blue chip NFT soon.

From the perspective of long-term route planning and development, the core technology of PunkApeClub can perfectly support the ecological operation of parallel space in the meta-universe.With the continuous increase of capital institutions and partners, PunkApeClub will establish an important position in the industry, and PunkApeClub will eventually become the benchmark in the meta-industry!

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