The Masterpiece in the Blockchain Game Field-Hegemony Ⅱ Simulation Metaverse Game Kingdom Coming Out Astonishingly

The explosive growth occurred to the game based on the Blockchain (“Blockchain game”) in the past year, and the trend continues. Due to generally combining “playing and earning money at the same time (P2E) and GameFi, the Blockchain game enables the users to monetize the time and effort they put into the platform, thus it’s very popular among people.

In 2021, the Blockchain game used as the means of creating income for Chinese people during the COVID-19 in the beginning continued to attract the public to participate. According to Report about Blockchain Games in the Third Quarter of 2021, the average number of unique active wallets (UAW) every day in the Blockchain industry was 1.54 million, and 49% of them pertained to the interaction with a Blockchain game. During the corresponding period, the NFT collections in the game also created the sales amount of USD 2.32 billion, accounting for 22% of total amount of transactions of NFT in the whole industry.

The P2E game is an important driving force of the boom. Based on NFT and native tokens that can be traded in the digital asset market, the ownership of assets in the game is established by the Blockchain game tree, paving the way for the decentralized game economy. The Blockchain provides an important footstone for metaverse–interoperable NFT assets that can migrate across different universes.

Different from current games, the Blockchain game enables the players to actually possess their game assets. These assets won’t stay on the centralized server of the game market, and the players can choose to resell them in the third-party market or bring them into other compatible games.

E-sports Developing Fast and 3D E-sports Market Needing To Be Dug

That the professionalization of the e-sports industry is developing so quickly today depends on plenty of users brought by the popular e-sports game furthest. There are more than 1.365 billion e-sports users worldwide. The market value potential failing to be estimated exists behind the huge user volume, attracting plenty of capital markets to get involved in the e-sports industry, and driving the development of the whole e-sports industry and its surrounding industries.

A big step forward in e-sports professionalism is also realized due to the users. With the gradual opening of e-sports market in the past two years, the e-sports players have matured over the years. With the reference and impact of the market environment, the selection and training of professional players, the operation mode of e-sports clubs and the scale of top competitions have been upgraded to a higher level.

For example, the online game market was dominated by 2D games in the preliminary stage, and the 3D games have gradually become the mainstream of the market due to the continuous improvement of technology, hardware and player demand. The rule also applies to the e-sports market. As for the start and development of e-sports industry, the user-level reputation base of e-sports was created because of Warcraft Ⅲ and StarCraft in the initial stage around the world, and the star products (such as League of Legends and DOTA2) have driven the market development since the beginning of this year in terms of game experience and innovation. Although the development peak happened to the e-sports, inevitably, there was a bottleneck. At present, the 3D competitive game has become the latest international e-sports darling in the market with more fresh blood needed!

Hot market of NFT

The classical dunk shot of NBA basketball star-LeBron James and the NFT of the first Tweet of Twitter founder-Jack Dorsey were auctioned, Everydays: The First 5000 Days of encryption artist-Beeple was auctioned at the price of USD 69.34 million, and two payment code NFT skins based on the ant chain jointly issued by Alipay and Dunhuang Academy became popular in WeChat moments. The “NFT for everything” becomes a landmark Slogan in the encryption community.

In the face of Opensea, Nfity Gateway, Rarible and other NFT trading platforms capturing territory in the global market, the cryptocurrency exchanges also started layout of their NFT platforms at the beginning of the year.

Because the NFT coincides with the properties of artworks and scarce digital goods, the rare digital artwork trade has developed rapidly on the basis of the technical protocol of the non-homogeneous token-NFT.

The volume of business of OpenSea which is the biggest NFT trading market in the world in Jul. was USD 0.325 billion, increasing sharply by 118% on a month-to-month basis compared to the highest volume of business in the history in Jun. (USD 0.149 billion), hitting a new high continuously, and the number of transaction and transaction expenses of NFT in Jul. reached to 0.4577 million and USD 21.78 million, respectively, breaking the previous record of USD 0.2114 million (Jun.) and USD 10.5 million (Mar.) synchronously.

These data show that there is still a strong growth trend in the NFT market. With plenty of new platforms arising and traditional Internet enterprises entering, more possibilities are provided for NFT in the future development.

The Large 3D Blockchain Game-HEGEMONY Ⅱ Coming Out Strikingly

The TOP 10 3D mobile game company in South Korea-M· Game which is a developer pushed out Scions of Fate in China in 2005 and won millions of traditional game users. In 2020, it cooperated with many industry head funds (including Asia Pacific Fund) and created a masterpiece in the big game field (Blockchain game field )-Hegemony Ⅱ based on the investment of RMB 80 million after hundreds of game engineers exerted their utmost effort and continuously assaulted fortified positions for 3 years. A distributed game business economy is formed in the 3D simulation game kingdom based on the economic model of the trinity of GAMEFI + NFT+ DAO by rich game scenes, props, trading markets, investment markets and game ecologies, finding a new way for the large-scale application of the next Web3.0 business.  

The game mechanism of HEGEMONY Ⅱ is based on Striving for Hegemony among The Three Kingdoms (Qi, Chu and Wei). We will start the chapter with a story-driven style, and different style and playing method are offered in each stage (to be mentioned in future game mechanism by us) that will be enabled gradually as the heroes grow up. There are very rich breeding mechanisms and combat mechanisms, and unique resource collection, forging playing method, association/alliance PK playing method in the game, and it is a truly entertaining and challenging large-scale 3D Blockchain game.

The Diversified Ecological Layout Leading the New Wave of 3D E-sports

The Hegemony Ⅱ is aimed at becoming a new star in the whole Blockchain game industry, and leading the new trend of the era. Its AR/VR virtual reality high-dimensional space-time eight metaverse spaces are as follows:

1. Derivative NFT (mythical creatures and props)

2. DeFi polymerizer (lending platform)

3. Swap PooL (24 H equation)

4. 3D e-sports game iteration version

5. Decentralized exchange (many kinds of tokens)

6. Energy pool (hierarchical algorithm)

7.NTF exchange (digital collection)

8. HD Wallets (SHA256 and across-chain protocol)

The huge game kingdom of HEGEMONY Ⅱ which is a large 3D e-sports Blockchain game corresponds to the issuance of DAO ecological token- HEGE token (issued based on BSC in the middle of Mar. 2022. The DEX pancakeswap was released first to open the rising space of automatic market maker). The value brought by game scene, prop, trading market, investment market and game ecology circulates in the form of HEGE, and will completely belong to the players. In the future, the HEGE will have infinite spiral rise space.

Automatic Market Maker Module of HEGEMONY Ⅱ

As for the DEX (decentralized exchange), just as its name implies, all centralized links which can be removed (including matching, clearing/settlement and even market making) are removed from traditional exchanges.

Generally speaking, the DEX is mainly for matching and clearing/settlement links. The pure DEX carries out these two processes based on the contract on the chain, and the mixed DEX supports the higher transaction frequency by clearing/settlement on the chain, matching via server or relay layer off the chain and compromising partial centralization.

As for different types of transaction objects, DEX can adopt the appropriate order book mode or OTC trading mode. As for the order book mode or OTC trading mode, the Market Making link is managed manually.

There is a special DEX, represented by Uniswap where as for the automated market maker, the manual quotation is replaced by established algorithm, removing the centralized matching and clearing/settlement and eliminating market makers from trading, thus it becomes a big hit in the ultimate decentralized world.

Before understanding the nature of automated market making DEX, we shall first know what a Market Maker is.

The market maker is different from ordinary trader. The former is risk neutral and holds stocks and cashes on different hands. Under the order book mode, the purchase order and sales evidence will be provided at the same time with the difference in price in the middle. Similarly, the market maker under the OTC trading mode will offer a profitable offer when the enquiry by the customer.

The market makers are a source of liquidity, and the highly liquid markets require the market makers and in turn attract lots of market makers to participate. We often talk about liquidity. What are the characteristics of the market with a good liquidity?

You can make a big deal quickly without affecting the current price too much in the market with a good liquidity. Intuitively, although the price fluctuates in the market with a good liquidity, the trend is continuously smooth with intermittent gaps.

The framework required by the Hegemony Ⅱ ecological kingdom is not only a decentralized virtual game world, but also a diversified application scenario gathering players/investors/game manufacturers/developers/investors where the players can design and create various scenarios and virtual goods and realize the virtual interaction with the relational network carrying identity and wealth, the creation of plenty of ecological derivatives into NFT is supported, the auction and exchange of virtual goods are realized via NFTs, more game enthusiasts participate in the game metaspace and all participants will gradually learn what the integration and cohesion of the DAO+NFT+3D game ecosystem are. The game kingdom built based on the latest technology mentioned above will certainly break down the barrier between the DAO world and the current global gaming industry, and really accomplish the prosperity of diversified ecological civilization under the parallel space of the future metaverse.

Coalition of Immersive Metaverse and Game-Hegemony Ⅱ Striking with Overwhelming Momentum

The immersive metaverse experience will define the future of Blockchain game. The realization of immersive metaverse heavily relies on the infrastructure enabling the users to experience the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) of the 3D world.

For example, HADO, a futuristic augmented reality e-sports platform, is trying to redefine the pattern of e-sports by enabling the players in the real field to use energy balls and shields. Like the tennis ball, the immersive game brings people together via technology and game.

With more P2E games and the new metaverse going live, the prospect of Blockchain games in 2022 is promising. Pursuant to the prediction, the metaverse will become a USD 800 billion market — an unsurprising number in 2024. Moreover, these 3D worlds that are more superior in terms of digital presence and interactivity will also push out a series of collectable NFTs, attracting tens of thousands of new users to join their ecosystem.

With the development of the P2E field, many digital infrastructures will be required to run these metaverses and render NFT with high-quality graphic effects.

The game servers scattered on the distributed node are required by these metaverses to realize global expansion and introduction of thousands and thousands of new players. The delay in multiplayer games will greatly influence the game experience. The distributed networks with low latency are required by the constantly developing metaverse to provide an uninterrupted smooth game experience.

The decentralized cloud computing network-HegeMony II is equipped with necessary infrastructures for establishing metaverse and game ecosystem of “playing and earning money at the same time”. When people embrace the future of open and decentralized metaverse and game economy, it is very necessary to establish a decentralized computing platform to provide the underlying support.

The Masterpiece-Hegemony Ⅱ (Simulation Metaverse Game Kingdom) in the Blockchain Game Field Coming out Surprisingly at 23:00, Mar. 24, 2022 (UTC+8)

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