The integrator of Gamehub blockchain games

As a kind of behavior that can make people full of interest forever, it runs through people’s life regardless of age from birth; the happiness that games bring to people is indistinguishable from the novel experience that cannot be achieved in reality. The temptation that no human being can refuse;

The integrator of Gamehub blockchain games

Games are the only behavior that humans are actively pursuing at all times, regardless of region, time, and crowd after humans have met their basic living conditions; so that some people say that life is like a game, because everyone is experiencing happiness and exploring The unknown, the realization of the will and the affectionate life, and this is the essential reason why the game makes people unable to extricate themselves. Therefore, more scholars believe that with the progress of human civilization, after the realization of the basic survival needs of mankind, the largest industry and demand of mankind in the future will be the game industry with the concept of meta-universe.

With the development of the game industry from the Internet for decades, people are increasingly discovering that there are several major bottlenecks in the development of current online games. The first is that players invest a lot of time and energy in a game, but the game company can change the player’s assets and equipment at will. This centralized governance model is increasingly criticized by people; second is the accumulation of players in the game. Wealth is difficult to achieve digital confirmation and cannot be truly exchanged with real-world wealth. This also makes the game less and less immersive. In addition, the game data is in the hands of the game company. Once the game company goes bankrupt due to business problems, players will work hard to build The game world also disappeared, which makes players often out of anxiety.

The blockchain technology developed from Bitcoin has become more and more mature after more than ten years of development, and has been recognized by mainstream technology circles. The decentralized governance, distributed data storage, and confirmation of NFT digital assets represented by the blockchain virtually perfectly solve the three major problems encountered in the development of traditional online games. As a result, games developed based on blockchain technology have gradually been recognized by people and have become the basic elements of the current popular Metaverse concept. And because the development of the blockchain is driven by a decentralized community, various public chain projects such as Ethereum, Binance, and Solana have emerged. However, blockchain games developed based on different public chain technology standards have problems that cannot realize game asset exchange and cannot realize game item transactions. This kind of different public chain games cannot be connected to each other, and the closed situation has gradually become a huge industry bottleneck for the development of current blockchain games.

Game hub is the world’s first to use cross-chain mapping technology to focus on providing game token exchanges for blockchain games issued by different public chains, and a decentralized chain game integrated service platform that matches and trades game props was born. Game hub specializes in providing three major services for blockchain games: 1. For various games developed based on different blockchain public chains, realizing cross-chain mapping services for game digital assets between different public chains. 2. Provide decentralized efficient exchange and exchange services for game tokens issued for various blockchain games. 3. Provide decentralized matching transaction services for NFT game props issued by various blockchain games.

The Game hub team took the lead in developing the GH cross-chain protocol by virtue of its excellent technical strength. Through the original multi-scenario asset cross-chain, one-click encapsulation, the user’s game asset cross-chain operation is combined in two steps, so that ordinary users do not need to perceive the intermediate process of asset cross-chain, and realize “transfer is cross-chain and cross-chain is experience” . So as to realize the asset cross-chain transaction service status of Gamehub’s entire online chain game hub of “cross-chain synchronization, multi-chain interconnection, weaving chain as a network, and chain-to-chain access”.

Game hub token is referred to as GH. The first release is based on the constant issuance of 60 million BSC public chains to achieve community incentives, DAO governance and DEFI mining pool revenue. Specifically, there are the following six application scenarios:

1. Used for community voting governance: Game hub adheres to the concept of community autonomy, holds GH and enjoys governance rights, and can participate in decision-making related to platform development through voting.

2. Participate in DEFI mining: holding GH can participate in the DEFI pledge mining service provided by the Game hub platform, and enjoy super-value DEFI revenue.

3. Enjoy platform income dividends: The Game hub platform provides three major services: cross-chain mapping, token exchange, and game item trading. The platform income obtained will be regularly distributed with GH holdings as the weight.

4. Designated tokens for platform NFT transactions: All NFT chain game props are traded through the Game hub platform and must be traded with GH through exchange.

5. Payment for cross-chain fuel for game tokens: For chain games of different public chains to implement safe and reliable asset cross-chain image services through the Game hub platform, they need to pay a fixed amount of GH as cross-chain fuel.

6. Obtaining platform currency growth benefits: Game hub is the world’s first decentralized chain game hub platform that provides cross-chain mapping, token exchange, and item trading for blockchain games. Long-term holding of GH will enjoy the benefits of platform market value growth. .

Gamehub, as the world’s first decentralized chain game integrated service platform, will surely become the integrator of blockchain games in the future.

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