The Defi Breaker Under The Homogeneous Public Chain – Ratelswap

In 2020, with the birth of DeFi and the new Ethereum standard protocol assets (non-fungible tokens), the competition of the new public chain represented by Ethereum kicked off! The entry of meta (Facebook) has raised the imagination of the future of the public chain to a new level, allowing ordinary people to detect the huge development prospects that the blockchain public chain technology shows!

The emergence of DeFi/NFT trading tools represented by Uniswap and Opensea has changed people’s previous concerns about whether smart contract applications can be implemented and create a prosperous application ecosystem like mobile operating systems! For Ethereum, relying on EVM + Solidity + more than 3000 standard smart contract protocols has almost brought the standard of public chain development to the industry! It also opened the curtain that various public chains are compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

The Defi Breaker Under The Homogeneous Public Chain – Ratelswap

At the same time, the QA-DAO Foundation spots the future development trend and launches a multi-category digital asset marketer platform on the EVM compatible chain on the Ratel Swap chain. Ratel Swap perfectly inherits Uniswap’s automatic market maker mechanism and asset distribution curve algorithm (K =X*Y). In addition, Ratel Swap aims at the broad market space of EVM-compatible chains in the future, and is compatible with all EVM-compatible public chains when the contract was written. In the future, the Ratel Swap’s audience will expand infinitely. Meanwhile, Ratel Swap gives liquidity mining a new empowerment scale. By taking the accumulated time and the amount of invested liquidity funds as important parameters for users when adding liquidity, more dividends released by liquidity mining are given to the loyal users who have grown together with Ratel Swap, which greatly improves the mining and selling behavior of traditional liquidity mining, eliminates false Swap prosperity, and enables users and the platform to grow together and share development dividends together.

Based on Ratel Swap’s special product positioning, Ratel Swap will develop and be compatible with more contract protocols for asset classes in the future, creating an asset circulation infrastructure in the era of web3.0! This is a current gamble for this new dark horse and a prediction of the future!

Currently, Ratel Swap is being developed based on the largest EVM compatible chain, BSC, and will migrate to a public chain based on the blockDaG technology + UTXO model developed by QA-DAO in the near future. At present, this public chain is doing the development work compatible with EVM virtual machines. The development will be completed and put into use at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2022. At that time, Ratel Swap will enter the third-generation public chain developed by the QA-DAO Foundation as the first ecological integration application.


(1) QA-DAO is initiated by the QA Foundation, and QA Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Singapore.

(2) The public chain developed by QA-DAO adopts the POW consensus algorithm. At present, the first batch of ASIC computing machines has been mass-produced. The public chain data layer is based on the DAG tangle technology, and the TPS speed measured is greater than 3000 transactions per second.

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