Technology for Development, Technology for Life

Electronic technology is an emerging technology that began to develop in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Electronic technology has developed most rapidly and widely in the twentieth century and has become an important symbol of modern scientific and technological development. The widespread application of high technology has led to an unprecedented development of social productivity and economy. Modern electronic technology is playing an enormous role in various fields of defence, science, industry, medicine, communication and cultural life. It can be said that electronic technology is everywhere in this day and age.

In this electronic era, electronic engineers naturally become the “dream makers” of the times, creating everything in the electronic world. As a nationally renowned electronic engineer, Mr. AN Yan, the co-founder & CTO of Shenzhen Valley Ventures Co., Ltd., has been engaged in electronic design, structural design, software coding, integration testing and other aspects of the electronics technology field, possessing a wealth of industry experience and a unique perspective on the electronics technology industry. AN Yan has a deep understanding of many problems in the electronics technology industry, which include problems with unstable supply chains and technical constraints. In recent years, he has also been actively involved in the research and development of electronic technology, striving to solve technical drawbacks. With his excellent theoretical foundation and extensive working experience, he has developed a series of technological achievements. Up to now, he has successfully applied for more than 70 patents and software works, including Intelligent System for Children’s Education Based on Voice and Machine Vision, General Bi-directional Digital Signal Electrical Isolation Device, Develop Software for Intelligent Home Monitoring System Based on Micro Vibration Monitoring Technology and Develop Software for Object Detection System Based on Photoelectric Array. These technological achievements of AN Yan serve a wide range of social sectors and have been widely adopted by many companies for their innovation. These achievements have not only promoted the development of the electronics technology industry, but also made the development of society more diversified, bringing convenience to people’s all walk of life and accelerating the development of the times.

“Good Technology is used for people”, which is also the R&D concept of AN Yan. He is constantly aware of the problems of the industry and society, and his technical achievements are focused on solving these problems. Take the development of Develop Software for Intelligent Home Monitoring System Based on Micro Vibration Monitoring Technology as an example, this software collects structural vibration information generated by human behavioral activities, analyzes and processes the signal to intelligently monitor the behavioral activities of people at home, and makes alerts for abnormalities to facilitate timely response to unexpected situations. Meanwhile, this software can resolve the privacy problem of camera indoor monitoring without causing any impact on users’ life, so that users can use it with more confidence. Compared with traditional monitoring systems, this software invented by AN Yan has been recognized by major well-known enterprises for its advancements and practicality. It has been widely used in new technology and product development, providing a boost to the development of the industry and enhancing the quality of people’s lives.

Furthermore, AN Yan also places special emphasis on the importance of site visits in his work. In the R&D process of Develop Software for Object Detection System Based on Photoelectric Array, he visited the detection lines of more than a dozen enterprises and found that many systems were affected by multiple factors such as environment, light, manufacturing techniques and noise. Its signal-to-noise ratio was generally low, and weak signals were difficult to detect or not effectively distinguished from noise, leading to easy misjudgment in the object detection process. In the Develop Software for Object Detection System Based on Photoelectric Array, he used a photoelectric array detector to access the signal processing circuit, making the object detection more accurate, reducing the object rework probability, and improving the work efficiency of the enterprise. ZHAO Xinhua, director of the China Electronics Standardization Institute, described AN Yan as “an expert in monitoring the electronics technology industry” due to this technological achievement. This technological achievement is of great significance in promoting the development of the industry.

AN Yan once said, “Scientific research is like an endless climb. I like the feeling of reaching the peak, although it is hard work, it is rewarding.” As a high-tech industry, the electronics technology industry is known as a sunrise industry. The development of this industry, the expansion of the market and the great progress of technology will certainly bring about a great demand for talents. AN Yan has always intended to work closely with schools and research institutes to cultivate more professional talents and output more outstanding talents, so as to provide a talent pool for the development of the industry and promote the sustainable growth of the industry. It is believed that through the application of Mr. AN Yan’s research achievements in various industries, his persistence and research spirit will definitely infect more outstanding talents to join the electronics technology industry and further contribute to the development of the industry.(Author: ZHAO Lina)

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