Smart Catering Expert LIU WeiOpens a New Model of Catering and Leads the Smart Upgrade of the Catering Industry

Nowadays, the catering industry is undergoing a new digital transformation, creating smart catering has become an inevitable trend, traditional catering will be replaced by new smart catering, smart catering has become a new outlet, the intelligence and intelligence of the catering industry is still continuing to penetrate.

LIU Wei, a well-known smart catering expert in China, deeply cultivates the smart catering market and provides consumers with new catering experience and intelligent services. As the president of Beijing Shengbaiwei Catering Management Co., Ltd., LIU Wei led Shengbaiwei to actively take the path of smart catering development, he studied a large number of domestic and foreign smart catering theories and technical achievements, and formulated a development plan with “smart restaurant” as the core for Shengbaiwei according to the actual operating conditions of the enterprise.

LIU Wei is responsible for the formulation and implementation of the plan, based on the safe and healthy food supply chain with full traceability, and superimposed smart supply chain, data management, store new retail, new media communication and other enabling systems for catering stores. This catering service model creates a business model for the transformation and upgrading of traditional catering, which can enhance customers’ offline dining experience, and also expand the online operation path for stores, integrating dining, group buying, O2O and other businesses into the ecosystem of Shengbaiwei. In the process of development, LIU Wei has continuously created new species of catering, his business model has also been recognized and supported by many domestic strategic partners, and the scale of the enterprise has been further expanded.

In today’s rapid development of science and technology, the catering industry empowers the construction of catering standardization through the power of science and technology. Build a catering operation system based on Internet of Things technology automated production equipment, information management system and Internet + technology to realize refined control of canteens, intensive production, self-service sales, and data operation analysis.

LIU Wei said: “Now more and more catering enterprises have introduced smart catering system software to solve the problems in the offline operation process, including queuing, ordering, cashier, marketing, data analysis, data storage and other aspects, especially ordering and cashier checkout, all need the functions of the catering system to help solve.”

Therefore, LIU Wei conducted in-depth research on the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional catering enterprises in view of the current situation of the catering industry, and presided over the key topic Research on Smart Catering Service Strategy in the Big Data Era: Construction of Smart Catering Management Mode Under the Background of Innovative Development. LIU Wei led the research progress of the whole topic, combined theory and practice, analyzed the connotation of smart catering and the significance of smart catering innovation management, and on this basis, analyzed the future construction ideas based on innovative smart catering management model. LIU Wei’s research provides a theoretical basis for the digital transformation of catering enterprises and points out the development direction of transformation and upgrading for them. It is worth mentioning that because this topic has a great guiding effect on the development of smart catering in China, it has been included as a key research project by the Institute of Education Science of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, and won the first prize of scientific research achievements of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences!

In addition to contributing important theoretical support to China’s smart catering, LIU Wei also actively carried out technological innovation to promote the development of China’s smart catering, integrated advanced technology with catering services, relied on the Internet, and developed “Smart Catering Big Data Health Management System Based on AI Meal Identification” and “Smart Catering Dish Accurate Metering System Based on Big Data and Deep Learning”, and other forward-looking and practical smart catering technology innovations. It is reported that LIU Wei’s technical achievements have been transformed and put into market use, and dozens of catering enterprises have applied LIU Wei’s technical achievements, and enterprises have created hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue after using these systems.

The emergence of smart catering has allowed catering brands that have already formed a scale to see the opportunity of market coverage, a large number of catering brands have been reformed, expanding the influence of catering brands, and with the emergence of various smart devices, consumption scenarios have been upgraded, user dining experience is better, and the market has been successfully reduced. At the end of the interview, LIU Wei said that in the future, he will closely follow the development trend of smart catering, create more high-quality innovative theories and technical achievements, and contribute to the development of smart catering. (Author:PYGMALION)

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