SIUS global overseas market is about to start, and we will go to a new epic era with you

Blockchain is one of the most popular innovative technologies nowadays, and it may also be a revolutionary technology that subverts the future human business model. With the in-depth development of the digital economy, the innovation of Web 3.0 with blockchain as the underlying infrastructure continues to be active, blockchain technology and the encryption ecology are ushering in a continuous explosion, and the blockchain will also use the digital economy revolution and a new generation of information infrastructure. It is deeply integrated with various fields on a global scale, and brings “acceleration” to the reshaping of the global economic structure and the change of the global competition pattern.

In this context, the Sirius intelligent trading service robot came into being. As an intelligent tool to serve the majority of digital asset investment enthusiasts, it links the most mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges in the market, such as Binance, Bitfinex, LBank, etc. Sirius can track multiple orders on various trading platforms, formulate detailed trading strategies, manage investment portfolios, minimize risks, maximize profits, and effectively solve investors’ technical operational problems. Sirius has been widely used by users all over the world, and has won the approval of many digital currency investors including the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and New Zealand. Approved.

In order to actively expand overseas communication channels, the SIUS Global Market Launch Conference is about to open. Adhering to the strategy of “continuously exploring the world”, the conference will gather domestic and international advantageous resources to jointly explore the field of digital asset investment, and strive to help build a world-class blockchain industry ecosystem. The SIUS team plans to hold successive meetings in more than 20 cities around the world. Together with 100+ industry leaders such as Qualcomm, Microsoft, Coindesk, etc., 1500+ big names and representative teams in the blockchain field at home and abroad are invited to participate in the conference. The audience and hundreds of thousands of online audiences around the world brought 50+ speeches, 1000+ excellent industry cases, and conducted in-depth sorting, analysis and insight into the investment status and trends of the global blockchain industry, providing insights for enterprises and enterprises in the global blockchain industry. Talents provide forward-looking insights and practical suggestions, promote the global blockchain technology and industrial development ecological environment, and help the rapid development of blockchain technology in the field of digital economy.

SIUS global overseas market is about to start, and we will go to a new epic era with you

An overview of the Sirius trading robot leading the new era

Sirius is an automated robot based on an intelligent trading terminal, an intelligent tool for digital asset investment enthusiasts, and links to multiple mainstream trading platforms around the world. Sirius can track multiple orders on each trading platform and formulate detailed trading strategies, manage investment portfolios, and Minimize risks, maximize profits, and effectively solve the technical operation problems of investors.

Combining the innovative economic system to make the transaction process safer and more convenient, the Sirius ecological token SIUS is issued, and cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, big data, Internet of Things, and AI intelligence are used to realize the integration of data in various industries around the world, and realize the blockchain technology to link physical value. , build a global value Internet, and jointly build a digital economy alliance ecology that is open, shared, collaborative innovation, and continuous circulation.

5 automated trading strategies:

1. Portfolio rebalancing

Through the Sirius platform trading robot, select trading assets and set resource adjustments to automatically build a diversified investment portfolio. Portfolios are rebalanced at defined intervals when assets appreciate in value or depreciate by a given threshold.

2. Grid Trading

Automate your current grid trading strategy and seek to profit from market volatility by placing multiple buy and sell limit orders by monitoring near the grid lines of the current price range. Executed orders are automatically filled with appropriate buy or sell orders as prices move up and down within the grid.

3. Market making robots

Execute real-time market making strategies. The Sirius bot attempts to buy low and sell high by placing 2 limit orders on both sides of the order book at the same time. When two orders are executed at the same time or the stop loss is triggered, the process repeats continuously and automatically re-places 2 new orders.


This is a trading strategy based on the MACD indicator, a buy signal occurs when the MACD line crosses above the signal line, and a sell signal occurs when the MACD line crosses below the signal line.

5. Compatible and packaged for easy optimization

Sirius is an open source digital currency trading robot based on Python. It supports trading on all mainstream trading platforms currently on the market and is controlled through Telegram or webUI, including backtesting, drawing and capital management tools, as well as strategy optimization through machine learning.

3 major platform architectures:

1. Multi-platform integrated operating environment

Based on the high-capacity application chain technology architecture, Sirius independently developed high-performance technology to support the robot automatic trading sector, using the memory matching engine TPS60,000/second, the multi-platform integrated operating environment can be expanded in parallel, and the powerful technical background provides users with a smooth and fast operating experience sense. Lightning transaction, providing an expandable channel network to ensure fast and efficient transactions

2. Officially authorized two-factor verification system

Ensure the stable operation of the platform, use the 128-bit SSL encryption communication technology authorized by GlobalSign and the Google Authenticator double verification system to ensure the security of user information, and use a mature multi-layer signature hot and cold separation architecture to ensure the security of user assets, from transaction to storage. All-round guarantee Investor interests.

 3. Distributed data storage technology

The master node architecture is easier to maintain and can support thousands of clusters. This system architecture consists of a group of computer nodes that communicate through a network and coordinate their work to accomplish a common task.

At present, the Sirius platform mainly includes distributed software and standard servers. The Sirius distributed network storage system adopts a scalable system structure, uses multiple storage servers to share the storage load, and uses the location server to locate and store information, which not only improves the reliability, availability and storage efficiency of the system, but also is easy to expand.

The original intention of the SIUS Overseas Market Launch Conference is to expand the global influence of SIUS and tap the consensus of mankind. Let us look forward to the consensus reached at this block chain feast and witness the progress of block chain technology development together! Gather together and go to the future together, SIUS intelligent transaction is extraordinary!

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