Senior Computer Network Architect: Network Security Issues Need Attention

As the global economy is advancing rapidly, Internet technology has emerged as the key to the development of multiple industries by virtue of its superiority. However, with the gradual improvement of the Internet technology system, network information technology such as big data, blockchain and cloud computing are widely applied. Due to the diversity, complexity and specificity of the application environment, the security of data faces a broad range of threats and challenges, which has aroused a great deal of public concern. QIAN Junhua, a leading computer network architect in China, said that at this stage, data security is an important prerequisite for the development of the digital economy. Under the post-pandemic era, in particular, an increasing number of enterprises seek to use cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data to carry out the goal of data value extraction transformation. It is the kernel that everyone needs to ponder on how to ensure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of network data from the security threats of information leakage and illegal tampering.

QIAN Junhua graduated from Shanxi Taiyuan University of Technology with a degree in Computer Theory and Application. He is currently working as a senior software developer and architect in Beijing ByteDance Technology Co., Ltd., a well-known international Internet company, and has made great achievements in software development and network architecture. Beijing ByteDance Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, with the vision of building a “Global Creation and Communication Platform” and the core strategy of global development as “Technological Export”. Its products include Toutiao, ixigua, Tik Tok, Toutiao Encyclopedia, Pipix, and Dongchedi, among the industry’s top new media platforms. At the same time, ByteDance is one of the first technology companies to apply artificial intelligence to the mobile Internet scene, and has not only been selected as one of the “2019 Forbes China’s Most Innovative Companies”, but also ranked first in the “Hurun Report – Global Unicorn Index 2021”. According to authoritative data, Beijing ByteDance Technology Co., Ltd. will have annual revenue of about $58 billion in 2021, making it one of the leading Internet companies in China and internationally. This is capable of being a senior technical person in an Internet company with top global strength. His expertise in computer network construction and software development is indisputable.

With years of experience in the Internet technology industry, Mr. QIAN has not only refined his computer application skills, but also his deep knowledge of the Internet industry, which is beyond the reach of the average. For the current development of the Internet industry, QIAN Junhua shares his own unique analysis. He believes that the number of domestic Internet users has gradually tended to be saturated, and the development of the Internet industry has started to shift from user growth to focus on the normalized operation and maintenance of the system. In recent years, it is not optimistic about the overall situation of network security as the development of computer system vulnerabilities has accelerated, the network attackers are technically sophisticated and flexible, and the scope of attack targets has been expanding. A large number of network security incidents have resulted in varying degrees of impact from ordinary individuals to public companies and even countries. In this context, network security has also turned out to be a major concern for a growing number of large enterprises and countries, and the demand for computer network architects in various industries is on the rise. “It is not a simple task to be a professional computer network architect, not only requiring a large amount of complex professional theoretical knowledge, but also demanding the practitioner to be equipped with extensive practical experience to quickly find solutions to problems and protect our data and systems when the network is under attack.” He said the Internet technology update iteration is very fast. A good computer network architect must have the ability of innovation and research and development, which requires a certain amount of knowledge accumulation and guidance. Coupled with the current immature talent training system, there will be a huge gap in professional talent. Mr. QIAN said that it is urgent to build a full-fledged computer and Internet talent training system.

When asked how to be able to maintain core competitiveness in the Internet industry, QIAN Junhua shared his views. He believes that it is very important to be adept at learning and communicating and to have a positive mindset. “The Internet is an open industry, and through daily learning and communication, we are able to understand the cutting-edge information of the industry faster, so as to gain insight into the development direction of the industry, quickly adjust the shortcomings of the current work and keep pace with the development of the times.” QIAN Junhua said he would often participate in technological exchanges in the industry, and in the process of communicating with his peers before him, he benefited a lot. “I think no matter what industry we are in, a positive mindset is very significant, and it can help us put through many obstacles.” He added that he had encountered countless difficulties at the beginning of his career, and it is a widely known fact that competition in the Internet industry is fierce, and at one time he wanted to give up, but after adjusting his mentality, he realized that these so-called difficulties are nothing more than that. “Mindset determines the height, and I hope that what I share today can help you.” He said so.

The issue of network security concerns the interests of millions of people. It is worth looking forward to what the future holds, as both laws and regulations and network architecture technologies are undergoing unprecedented innovation. “I will try my best to do better.” QIAN Junhua said. (Reporter/Daniel Brown)

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