SAVE META’s world’s first extreme deflationary ecological token SMT has been launched on PancakeSwap, starting a new journey of “SME+SMT” dual-coin destruction mining!

According to official news: SAVE META has successfully launched the first extreme deflationary ecological universe space-time, referred to as SMT. At present, the second ecological destruction mining SMT has opened the purchase of computing power, and has received frantic buying in the international market! The third ecological chain tour will also enter the global public beta in the middle and late of this month!

At the same time, SMT has already issued its first earnings at the end of March. SMT is a completely community-based and decentralized project, dedicated to empowering DEFI3.0 through DAO governance, and building an application ecosystem of DEFI3.0+WEB3.0+Metaverse+SWAP.

SAVE META’s world’s first extreme deflationary ecological token SMT has been launched on PancakeSwap, starting a new journey of “SME+SMT” dual-coin destruction mining!

Judging from the official Twitter, before the launch of SMT, the SAVE META ecology has completed the LP lock-up for the ecological token SME and SMT respectively according to the white paper plan, and the time is 3 years, and the announcement has been completed on Twitter. Strictly following the white paper’s planning will help SMT achieve its value goals and open the way to a thousand times SMT.

The diversified ecology of SMT plays an important role in the circulation of SMT in the market. In the ecology of SMT, its matrix is ​​built with diversification to ensure security, stability, and the scalability of the entire SMT protocol in the later stage. From the entire underlying mechanism to protect SMT, create a diversified ecology, and create the future value of the strongest SMT. mainly reflects in:

1. The model of destroying mining:

Using the dual-currency spiral rising model, SME and SMT are linked together to make their value spiral upward.

All SMEs that join the destruction mining enter the black hole address to be destroyed to increase the value of SMEs!

All USDT will be returned to the SMT pool and will be directly destroyed, increasing the value of SMT!

2. Pledge ecology:

Mainstream digital assets such as SME, BTC, ETH, FIL, BNB can be obtained by staking SMT.

3. Lending platform:

Using the lending platform built by SMT smart contracts, you can obtain the ecosystem and access network permissions through SMT!

4. Chain game ecology:

Chain games play a very important role in the chain game ecology of SAVE META. As the only entry threshold for chain games, SMT can be used to activate accounts, purchase equipment, and activate scenarios. This will enrich the SMT circulation scene, which is crucial to the extreme deflation of SMT!

The launch of SMT is very important to the ecological planning of SAVE META! The global DAO organization has also held many international ZOOM conferences around the world to help the SMT market. At the same time, the DAO organization is also making a solid guarantee for the fairness, justice, openness and transparency of SMT! SAVE META will combine all resources to escort the ecology of SMT, only for the goal of a million times myth.

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