POB and Belem cast a sports track leader project, ushering in a new era of digital football

With the holding of the World Cup, the popularity of global sports events continues to soar, sports events have received more and more attention, the global sports market is worth as much as 3 trillion US dollars, and the CAGR (compound annual growth rate) is as high as 10.6%. Sports have been around for hundreds of years, and as long as sports exist, sports will exist. Sports are popular all over the world and are the fastest growing segment of the entire market.

The World Cup in Qatar is about to begin, and fans from all over the world will flock to Qatar to witness this global sporting event. Whenever the World Cup comes, the football peripheral industry will usher in a wave of explosion, and the fan tokens that have emerged in recent years have also set off a wave of hype before the opening of the World Cup, and the Professional Football League (POB) came into being at this important point.

The Qatar World Cup gathers Cristiano Ronaldo, Mbappe, Messi and many other superstars, which can be called the most luxurious World Cup, but due to the epidemic, the majority of fans have been turned away and cannot watch the event live. To this end, in order to fulfill the dream of fans around the world, the POB community decided to let the majority of fans break the limitations of time and space, realize the passion of being able to experience the game scene without leaving home, and realize zero-distance watching, so as to better call the home team, and The POB community is completely decentralized, with a new operating model that allows fans to vote for the opportunity to participate in team decisions and meet stars. POB gives fans in sports and football the right to “joint control” in the form of voting to participate in team management and strategic decision-making. Any league, team and event can achieve this model by applying blockchain. Fans can pay through POB to become opinion leaders in any competition project. Conversely, teams and leagues in sports and football can be economically developed by giving fans certain decision-making power. POB gives fans the right to interact with clubs and participate in management affairs through fan tokens, providing solutions for major teams to expand their fan economy and bringing fans closer to the team.

Football IP + digital economy model

POB adopts the football IP + digital economy model to create a comprehensive upgrade of the ecosystem, which makes it stand out. POB includes game interaction, Gamefi 2.0, sports NFT, football metaverse, World Cup competition, these attributes will fully shape POB of the soul. With the development of football economy, the economic effect of football derivatives is increasingly unconscious, football IP has gradually affected the blockchain industry, and POB is keeping up with the trend of the times, firmly grasping the opportunities of the World Cup, launching a new football platform, leading users to enjoy the dividends of the times.

Web 3.0 human-computer interactive game platform

POB relies on the full integration of 5G and VR technology, and the boundaries of space and time are broken, creating a “borderless space” between online and offline, virtual and real, allowing players to feel the integration of reality and virtuality. Traditional mobile games may be retained from unlocking levels, competing against competition, and progressive depth, and 5G+VR and mobile game dual-mode exploration create new opportunities.

The ultimate goal of POB is to have a good sense of immersion to complete the interactive experience, which is highly dependent on the quality of technical content products. POB’s AR (augmented reality) technology skillfully integrates virtual information and the real world, widely uses multimedia, three-dimensional modeling, real-time tracking and registration, intelligent interaction, sensing and other technical means, computer-generated text, images, three-dimensional models, music, video and other virtual information simulation simulation, applied to the real world. The two types of information complement each other to achieve “enhancement” of the real world, so that it can be effectively reflected and interacted with in the real world.

On November 14, Belem launched its exclusive global debut

POB and Belem cast a sports track leader project, ushering in a new era of digital football

In the POB ecosystem, Token plays the role of value transmitter, in addition to NFT as a value inheritance medium, various activities in the ecology such as: airdrops, rewards, events, spending, upgrading star card NFT, all require POB Tokens for value transfer. Recently, POB reached a strategic cooperation with Belem, the world’s top exchange, to create a strong alliance to create football competition. POB total circulation 28,6840,000, 11:30–16:30 on November 14, 2022 A special subscription session will open, the number of subscriptions: 31552400 POB (11% of the total). Build a football metaverse, link different groups of people around the world, and march 1000 times and 10000 times, a new era of football competition is coming!

In the future, the POB community will integrate many industries, organize multilingual platforms, carry out global business synergy, and will launch a series of activities, such as listing human balloon star peripherals, jerseys, and game balls (the highest voting listing) through fan voting in the community, and at the same time buying some balloon star jerseys, game balls and other peripheral products through NFT purchases, in addition to the opportunity to participate in team decision-making. Leading the industry trend, under the leadership of experienced professional and technical team, to achieve a new leap!

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