PMB precious metal investment new tool, open up the road of precious metal profit!


“Recently, huge waves in the gold market have been surging, global inflation has intensified, major economies have taken the road of raising interest rates, and the market’s risk aversion in the context of economic recession has led to a strong appreciation of the dollar. Non-agricultural, Fed meeting minutes and other major events It will be launched one by one, and it is bound to set off a new wave of profit.”

PMB precious metal digital currency is a precious metal digital currency produced and issued based on the precious metal mines under the Indonesian Millennium Group. Every time the project party issues a digital currency, it will deposit the equivalent value of precious metal benchmarking anchors in the vault of the Indonesian Millennium Group to ensure the basic value of each digital currency. PMB allows users to purchase a small amount of physical precious metals without paying storage and transportation costs, thus lowering the threshold for precious metals investment.


Precious metals have been a valuable commodity for thousands of years. People use the precious metal to make jewelry, store value, and even use it as a hedge against inflation. However, for ordinary retail investors, physical precious metals are expensive and the transaction process is cumbersome. After purchase, it needs to be stored in a safe place like a bank vault. In addition, the precious metals are heavy, and the transfer is also quite inconvenient. To address these issues, PMB, a tokenized precious metal that runs on the blockchain, was launched.

What is PMB?

PMB uses the blockchain trust mechanism to solve the existing problems of credit, security, payment, and circulation. Using the decentralized, safe and transparent features of the blockchain, the real mine and the virtual mine are perfectly combined, and the precious metal value is anchored in the digital currency. It is the only real digital currency in the world. PMB can resist inflation. The resulting currency depreciation allows your funds to be preserved and appreciated. PMB precious metal digital currency has real asset ownership value, and fully releases its circulation properties for physical objects, realizing the digital programming and high-speed circulation of precious metal value, so that precious metal assets can be used as the basis in the blockchain digital world and have real asset value. Digital token (PMB) is widely circulated. PMB precious metal digital currency introduces a smart contract mechanism to realize digital programming of assets and create a stable financial underlying system based on anchoring physical precious metal minerals.

Tokens are approved and regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services. To ensure that PMB holds sufficient precious metal reserves, a third-party audit firm conducts monthly reviews to verify that its precious metal reserves match the token supply. The developers of PMB conduct regular smart contract audits to identify potential bugs and vulnerabilities.

What is the difference between PMB and other precious metal blockchain projects?

Other precious metal chains track the real-time value of the precious metal, and investors only get price exposure, not ownership of the precious metal. As a party to the contract, the investor is entitled to a certain percentage of precious metal reserves, but cannot replace the entire ownership of precious metals. For example, in times of crisis and market volatility, the contract value at settlement may be lower than the underlying value of the precious metal represented.

In contrast, PMB is a digital precious metal product that replaces full ownership of precious metals. Trading physical precious metals can take days, but there is virtually no delay in PMB real-time settlement.

Launch BateX to open subscription

PMB will be listed on the BateX exchange and will start a special subscription session. Subscription time: October 13, 2022 12:00–20:00, trading pair online time: October 14, 2022 00:00. The COO Patience of BateX exchange is very excited about this, he said: “PMB will create a precious metal refining and storage facility, which will be the first fully implemented by blockchain.”


PMB hopes to take advantage of the speed and liquidity of cryptocurrency assets to provide a blockchain-based alternative in this mature market. Here you can not only experience the fun brought by investment profits, but also improve your self-trading level. We know that the cost of investment not only includes capital, but also time cost. No matter how good the market opportunity is, the only thing you can get your hands on is. The combination of precious metals and blockchain collides with another wealth future, let us meet at the top together.

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