Neither POS nor POW: Green Power Network Handles Mining Unlike Any Other

The technological landscape has changed significantly since the inaugural cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was produced in 2009. From NFTs to Tokens to the much more recent, Metaverse, a lot of initiatives have emerged in recent years. Web 3.0 is gradually gaining popularity as a topic. While Blockchain seeks to revolutionize the financial and technology sectors simultaneously, eco-warriors are becoming more concerned about the negative repercussions of cryptocurrency mining.

According to the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), as of 2022, the yearly energy consumption of Bitcoin is estimated to be 131 TWh or 0.29 percent of the planet’s energy production and 0.59 percent of its electricity generation. Nevertheless, a rising number of cryptocurrency initiatives are addressing these issues by providing funding for or offering incentives to miners who choose to run their operations using renewable energy.

The goal of the Green Power Network is to promote the usage and generation of green energy while addressing the issue of energy usage in unfavorable or energy-stressed areas. By converting from energy generated utilizing fossil fuels to get electricity, utilizing smart energy collection and retention technology to improve energy efficiency, and encouraging people to engage in Web3.0 and profit from it, consumers may well be won over this future power generation.

Furthermore, using clean power by GPN clients will promote the world’s stability and advance environmental preservation.

Among the earliest green power tools, the GPN allows users to utilize green energy and offer electricity in places lacking essential resources and infrastructure, directly impacting energy usage and local economies. Users may invest in the future that is more environmentally friendly and receive a regular passive income in cryptocurrency just by using these chargers.

To ensure that its customers may make both profits from GPN and assist in tackling environmental challenges like deforestation, GPN also aims to encourage and engage in solar power and some other green tech solutions.

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