Metaverse concept version blockchain game “Hunter Kingdom” is released, which will open a new chapter in the metaverse

Michael Worosz, Vice President and Head of Private Division, the publisher of the game giant Take-Two Interactive, officially released a new metaverse concept version of the blockchain game “Hunter Kingdom” to the world at 14:30 on March 19, 2022 . . Based on the major success of “Marvel’s Children of the Night” released by Take-Two Interactive’s publisher 2K Games in 2021 after half a year of operation, T2 Group continues to focus on metaverse concept games.

Michael Worosz announced: “Hunter Kingdom” is an advanced blockchain game, the only circulating currency of the game is planned to be Hunter coins, and the current total circulation of Hunter on TRC-20 is 1 billion. Hunter Coin is the only currency of “Hunter Kingdom” now and in the future, and it is also the center of the entire metaverse value system. Therefore, the main direction and goal of “Hunter Kingdom” in the initial stage is to create a value system with a virtuous cycle of Hunter coins as the core. For Hunter, we will set up a special investment and management organization to maintain it to ensure its healthy and orderly development. When the Hunter value system is completed, we will open more game scenes and props for players to bring a more realistic experience. We will continue to advance and improve in the advancement of metaverse technology development. We have full Confidence has built “Hunter Kingdom” into a leading metaverse experience platform in the market in the past two years. Every Hunter Kingdom participant will start a new chapter in the metaverse from here.

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