Metahub’s world’s first “Lego-style” NFT underlying trading platform will be launched soon

NFT is a non-fungible token. As a new digital certificate that carries the value of items, it has entered a period of rapid expansion since 2020. Although the cryptocurrency market is slightly depressed in the global environment, the popularity of the NFT market has not diminished. In January 2022, the NFT market volume exceeded 5 billion US dollars, a new record high. As the world’s first underlying NFT trading platform with “Lego-style” gameplay, Metahub is expected to be officially launched on May 10, 2022.

The world’s first “Lego-style” NFT underlying trading platform

Metahub is the world’s first “Lego-style” NFT underlying trading platform, dedicated to lowering the threshold for participation in NFT casting, trading, circulation, etc., so that every creator can freely create digital works on the blockchain. At present, Metahub has mastered 200+ world-renowned brands, sports, IP and other popular resources, which has greatly enriched the platform’s NFT inventory. The stable supply and the continuous influx of new projects have become the industry’s favorite when Metahub is not online. A major reason for attention.

In addition, the new platform model and user experience is another significant highlight of Metahub. As an open NFT underlying trading platform, Metahub is committed to building the core bottom layer and infrastructure of the digital asset trading ecosystem. Through a consistent bottom layer protocol, it provides flexibly configurable infrastructure and advanced facilities, including creating display spaces and custom displays. Templates, payment methods, marketing methods and other functional templates, creators can freely build them like Lego according to their needs.

In addition, Metahub will also build a cloud-based infrastructure to integrate and rationally distribute the data of all users. In terms of convenience, Metahub has reached an unprecedented height, and users can even cast NFT works with one click, showing their NFT brand with the greatest degree of freedom.

Metahub has a low threshold, good ease of use, and on-chain contracts to ensure transaction security. Many advantages make Metahub attract much attention before it goes online.

Six companies lead $2 million investment to help Metahub grow

Headquartered in Dubai, Metahub is led by a team with extensive executive experience, with operations centers in London and Singapore. At present, Metahub has received $2 million in investment led by six industry giants: Metaverse Blockchain Association, Yotta Ecology, Across Capital, Metaverse International Project Management Co., Ltd., Metaverse Incubator, and ETH Offshore Fund, which will be used for development , operations, etc., the current market value of Metahub has exceeded 20 million US dollars. Metahub will set up operation service centers around the world, and the operation centers of various countries will be linked with the community to promote the rapid conversion of traffic, achieve a win-win situation for creators and collectors, and prepare for the next stage of angel round financing.

In the future, Metahub will also deploy fields such as Metaverse and GameFi. As one of the best application scenarios in the NFT field, Metahub will create a metaverse ecology based on the value token MHB. In addition, game assets have always been a popular collection in the NFT field. Metahub will build a gamification ecosystem with its perfect and highly usable infrastructure, from games to game props NFT to trading platforms, running through the entire industry chain and helping users pass GameFi+ The way of NFT realizes asset appreciation.


In the future, everyone will have their own NFT brand. Metahub hopes that anyone who is interested in digital works can become a member of Metahub. To this end, Metahub provides users with comprehensive infrastructure in NFT sales, casting, collection and other aspects. , giving each creator the greatest freedom to cast and display their own NFT works, show the value of the works in a new evaluation method, and jointly promote the development of the entire industry.

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