Meta-World the perfect GameFi experience in the Metaverse

Meta-World – A New Approach To GameFi 2.0

As a result of the blockchain technology, traditional gaming is giving way to a new concept of play to earn gaming. In the new world of professional gaming and Esports, play to earn NFT games have been leading the charge in the fast rising industry and new investments. 

Meta-World NFT is an island building and exploration game based on the Binance Smart Chain NFT platform Metaverse that promises unlimited hours of gameplay fun while subsequently allowing players to earn in many ways in their very own virtual island.

Through the rise of many NFT based games today, Meta-World offers a new yet familiar game that will get you hooked in. It boasts of a vibrant game graphics and farmplay game scenarios that players love to play. Meta-World is a cut above the rest of the NFT games around as it provides more diverse ways to earn.

The Meta-World NFT game project has gained a significant attention globally even before the game launch. Its ability to raise 1.840 mil through their seed funding and private funding is a testament to the high level of trust and support of its community. Shortly thereafter, Meta-World has reached a total of more than 200,000 members on its official game channels.

The Future of Meta-World NFT

Currently in the Meta-World, you can choose to earn by staking income and locking it in the pool for 7 days. The game itself is staking 15% of all its transaction fees as a bonus. Available in the game are mystery boxes that contain rare and limited NFT items. You can also opt to steal resources from other players as well. Aside from collecting resources by production, Meta-World offers diverse ways to earn.

Meta-World is planning on expanding its island territories by partnering with GameFi platforms to be able to share the Meta-World experience with the rest of the player communities. 

Future island expansions and developments are in line for the rest of the year. Features to be released this quarter includes the opening of the Island Auction, which will allow players and investors to own an exclusive island for themselves. Island owners will be able to design a new island the way they want it to be, provide resource collection sites, and, subsequently, will have created a game within the game. The owner will be able to earn 70% of the residents’ transaction fees.

Undoubtedly, Meta-World remains a leading NFT game that you should not miss out on.

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