Jawa Eye Appears on Nasdaq Big Screen, Film and Public Welfare Colleagues Inject “New Blood” into World Films

Recently, on the big screen of NASDAQ in Times Square, New York, known as the “crossroads of the world”, we saw the figure of JAWA EYE, a global independent film platform. The large advertising screen of the Ke Building!

Jawa Eye Appears on Nasdaq Big Screen, Film and Public Welfare Colleagues Inject “New Blood” into World Films

As we can see, JAWA EYE, as an Internet movie platform, has been carrying out public welfare to the end under the layout of the global market! Along the way, Jawa Eye has been fulfilling its social responsibility and mission as a film platform, sending financial, material, and human donations to many countries and regions, helping many compatriots in natural disasters, and receiving high praise. social evaluation and honor. JAWA EYE is also becoming an influential leader in the streaming media era.

According to official sources, by 2023, JAWA EYE has 200,000+ users. May this year will be the anniversary celebration. JAWA EYE was born on the streaming media platform. With its huge brand influence, it once became the focus of the world’s film and television industry. The appearance of the Nasdaq big screen this time also It marks that the development of Jawa Eye has entered a new period and is moving towards an international strategy!

What we see on the big screen is “every frame is a story, recording every moment of JAWA and you”, hundreds of thousands of pictures are every memory of JAWA EYE and all supporters, JAWA EYE The development of JAWA EYE is inseparable from the support and efforts of every member, and JAWA EYE’s public welfare will never stop at any time.

The influence of JAWA EYE is not only reflected in the film and television industry, but also in the global capital market, JAWA EYE has also made earth-shaking changes to the industry. As we know, the high threshold of investment in film and television is slowly being disintegrated , JAWA EYE’s concept that everyone can become a film investor is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It is changing the pattern of the film investment market and has attracted the attention of the global capital market. JAWA EYE has always interpreted the new trend of the development of the film industry.

As we can see, the rapid development of JAWA EYE has also brought great changes to the economies of some countries and regions, boosted local market productivity and taxation, and also solved the employment problem in some regions, becoming a and one of the region’s most popular businesses.

In the future, I hope that JAWA EYE will continue to start from the heart, not stop at the present, through the existing team and strength, use big data and sharing economy, so that all movie lovers can benefit from it, and let users choose their own At the same time, it can be rewarded, and it can also contribute to the development of the global society.

I believe that landing on the NASDAQ big screen in the United States is just the first step for Jawa Eye to take to the world. In the future, it is not difficult to predict that Jawa Eye will continue to expand its major film markets around the world on the basis of the existing market. , rapidly expanding in the form of a distributed community to occupy a broader film position!

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