Intelligent Marketing Talent Path: Insight into Opportunities and Release Unlimited Possibilities

In the context of great changes in various industries, the way of information dissemination and consumer promotion has changed, and the marketing work has also overturned the previous path of manual data analysis and manual market research strategy output. Data and information are changing the way enterprises understand, predict, shape and continuously improve customer experience. The most direct impact is the marketing method of an enterprise. In the context of consumption upgrading and group mental transformation, building digital marketing model and creating intelligent data analysis has become a new marketing trend for brands. In the traditional concept, the marketing department may be considered as the production line of creative ideas, but in fact, today’s excellent marketing talents have been using data for precise analysis to form a sharp sense and clear focus on customer needs. At present, ZHOU Haifeng, an intelligent marketing expert, is serving as the General Manager and Marketing Director of Qingdao Pufeng Machinery Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Pufeng Hardware Electromechanical Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. She leads the companies’ development through advanced intelligent marketing thinking and continues to promote the companies’ international trade cooperation.

Drifting Across the Ocean and Promote Cooperation

ZHOU Haifeng joined Qingdao Pufeng Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2013, and joined Qingdao Pufeng Hardware Electromechanical Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. in 2019. She has been deeply involved in the international trade market for more than ten years. From Sales Manager to Marketing Director and General Manager, she has accumulated a lot of experience, and her ability has been consolidated. Along the way, she has also witnessed the rapid development of the international trade industry. In her work, ZHOU Haifeng deeply understood the opportunities and challenges brought by the development of digital economy to international trade, so she attached great importance to the innovation and intelligence of trade exchanges. Opening up overseas markets and allowing enterprises to sail far away has always been her driving force. Therefore, ZHOU Haifeng actively led the Pufeng team to go overseas to carry out exchanges, learning and business cooperation with many well-known international companies, including Samsung, KBC and other international well-known enterprises. The professional services and high-quality products have enabled ZHOU Haifeng and the companies to successfully reach cooperative relations with well-known American enterprises Alliance Industries LLC and well-known Korean enterprises KYUNGBU INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, and helped the sales of Pufeng Machinery and Pufeng Hardware Electromechanical Industry and Trade to rise steadily. In the process of cross-ocean cooperation, the companies’ competitiveness and influence have been continuously improved, and the largest hardware company in Australia, BUNNINGS, has also come to visit Pufeng Machinery to reach a friendly cooperation relationship.

(Photos of ZHOU Haifeng and Her Team Visiting Korean Company)

Innovative Marketing is the Only Way to Trade Transformation

The successful promotion of multiple international trade cooperation is inseparable from ZHOU Haifeng’s innovative marketing thinking and technology. In the broad international trade market, strength and innovation are the primary criteria to attract cooperation. With her keen insight and strong technical research and development strength, ZHOU Haifeng has independently developed a number of cutting-edge technical achievements in the industry, which have been introduced and applied by many domestic enterprises and their own enterprises. Her intelligent marketing technology “Product Pricing and Inventory Allocation System Based on Cloud Computing”, “Optimization Model of International Marketing Strategy Based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm” and “Global User Portrait Recognition System Based on AI Interactive Marketing Platform” have improved the efficiency and growth rate of the intelligent upgrading and innovation of enterprise trade marketing, which has been unanimously praised by cooperative enterprises. ZHOU Haifeng has gradually expanded her popularity in the field of international trade marketing.

Among them, ZHOU Haifeng won the national award of “2021 Excellent Invention Achievement Award of Intelligent Marketing Technology Innovation” by virtue of “Optimization Model of International Marketing Strategy Based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm”. It is worth noting that the model is based on artificial intelligence algorithm, aiming at the global trade marketing strategy needs, through devices, electronic devices and storage media, to build a marketing platform that can obtain the marketing strategy of the same category of products. The platform can obtain the feedback results of each marketing strategy, and take the feedback results as the marketing data of the products corresponding to the marketing strategy. According to the said marketing data, the feedback result set of the same marketing strategy is counted, and then the effectiveness indicators of different marketing strategies are calculated. In the next step, according to the effectiveness index of the marketing strategy, the platform will select the preferred marketing plan at different time nodes, arrange the preferred marketing plan in accordance with the time nodes to get the preferred marketing process, and finally output the best marketing results after the implementation of the preferred marketing process. The “Optimization Model of International Marketing Strategy Based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm” has a significant role in promoting enterprises to determine the best marketing strategy. It has achieved a breakthrough in the overall control and analysis of the marketing process, thus improving marketing efficiency.

Intelligent Marketing Drives a New Mode of Talent Cultivation

The cultivation of intelligent marketing talents is a long journey. From ERP to BIP, the demand for digital intelligence posts and talent training objectives have changed. The concept, tools, means, methods and ways of training talents have been endowed with the demand for digital intelligence. ZHOU Haifeng said that actively exploring the new mode of cultivating digital and intelligent talents, based on the integration of industry and education, the actual situation of the school, and the future market development, taking “digital and intelligent and shared services” as the concept, creating a new education ecology, and deepening the construction of digital and intelligent industrial college are the key to output high-quality, complex, and application-oriented commercial digital and intelligent talents. “This can not only supply a large number of marketing talents for the international trade market, accelerate the scale of Chinese enterprises to the sea, but also provide a continuous supply of marketing elites for other different industries.”

“The quality of digital and intelligent talents determines the quality of the transformation and upgrading of digital and intelligent talents of enterprises. In the process of training digital and intelligent talents, we must integrate the forces of government, administration, enterprises and schools, and build an integrated platform of ‘production, education, research and innovation’ with the sharing of high-quality resources as the core, so as to improve thequality of digital and intelligent talents training.” ZHOU Haifeng firmly believes that digital and intelligent talents are the only way to upgrade China’s industry.

The existence of intelligent marketing talents is not only to fill the market demand gap, but also to strengthen the competitiveness of international trade. The continuous improvement of the marketing system will promote the emergence of more marketing talents in the future, and the situation of a hundred flowers contending in China’s marketing field is imminent.(Author: TAO Huaying)

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