Innovative Musician ZHANG Yaqiong: Leading the Music Industry with Cutting-Edge Technology

Reporter: Edgar Snow

Today, the rapid development and constant iteration of artificial intelligence technology are driving waves of technological reform across various industries, and the music industry is no exception. Technology is reshaping the methods and means of music creation, with a variety of new music creation software emerging. This revolutionary change not only improves the efficiency of music creation but also lowers the barriers to entry, providing new opportunities for structural optimization and high-quality development in the Chinese music industry. As a renowned Chinese singer-songwriter, ZHANG Yaqiong has made significant contributions to this intelligent transformation of music creation, with her technological research achievements having a profound impact on the future development of the industry.

As a veteran music creator, Ms. ZHANG Yaqiong has been deeply involved in the music industry for many years, showcasing extraordinary creative talent and producing numerous popular songs that are beloved by audiences and widely known in the Chinese music scene. In the context of rapid technological advancement, ZHANG Yaqiong, with her extensive knowledge and experience in music creation, realized that the evolution of music creation is also inseparable from technology. Therefore, she did not confine herself to traditional music creation but actively engaged in the research and practice of music technology, striving to enhance the efficiency of music creation and enrich the forms and content of music works through technological innovation. In recent years, ZHANG Yaqiong has immersed herself in the innovative research and development of music creation technology, continuously launching groundbreaking achievements in the music technology field. These include the “Copyright Protection and Authentication System of Watermarking Algorithm Based on Digital Audio Signal,” the “Melody MIDI Accompaniment Generation System Based on Deep Neural Network,” and the “Human-Computer Interactive Digital Instrument System Based on Neural Network Algorithm.”

ZHANG Yaqiong stated, “In traditional music creation, musicians need to spend a considerable amount of time and effort in composing and editing music, often constrained by their personal style and creative ability. Digital technology, through algorithms, models, and data, can assist and optimize the music creation process, making it more efficient and convenient, and allowing for the generation of more personalized music works.” ZHANG Yaqiong’s independently developed technological achievements address the limitations of traditional music creation by integrating artificial intelligence technology with artistic creation, drawing on her many years of music creation experience. Among her series of achievements, the most outstanding is undoubtedly the “Melody MIDI Accompaniment Generation System Based on Deep Neural Network.”

“Melody MIDI Accompaniment Generation System Based on Deep Neural Network” utilizes deep neural network technology to learn from a vast amount of accompaniment music, extracting the features and patterns of various musical styles to build an accompaniment creation model. The system boasts the powerful computational capabilities and data pattern recognition enabled by deep learning, allowing it to automatically generate high-quality accompaniments that match the input melody. This flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of musical styles and creative needs, meeting the diverse requirements of creators and producing a rich variety of accompaniment works. Users simply need to input a melody into the system, which then analyzes the melody and generates matching MIDI accompaniments in a creative and diverse manner. Additionally, the system provides editing features, allowing creators to adjust the style, tempo, instruments, and other parameters of the generated accompaniments to create unique and rich musical works.

“Melody MIDI Accompaniment Generation System Based on Deep Neural Network” is not just a technological tool, but also represents a significant step forward for artificial intelligence in the field of music creation. This system reduces the tedious and repetitive work required for accompaniment creation, giving music creators more time to focus on the core aspects of music creation. The diverse styles of accompaniments generated by the system expand the creative space for creators, providing sources of inspiration and assisting in the production of music in various styles. The system has been well-received by music production companies, quickly being adopted in major projects of leading music companies after its release. It is reported that several music works have been released with the assistance of this system, with the quality and stylistic diversity of the accompaniments receiving unanimous praise from industry experts. A music technology expert at the China Digital Music Industry Conference remarked that “Melody MIDI Accompaniment Generation System Based on Deep Neural Network” marks a breakthrough in music technology. It has proven to provide music creators and production companies with more opportunities for development, driving innovation and transformation in the music industry.

In addition to leading the music industry in technological innovation, ZHANG Yaqiong has also achieved remarkable accomplishments in academia. She has long been rooted in the front lines of music creation and possesses unique insights into the development of the music industry. In her research project, “Research on the Realization of Digital Music’s Value to Culture and Art Industry in the Internet + Era,” she combined extensive literature review with her practical experience. This work not only deeply explores the development direction of the digital music industry in the internet era but also provides strong theoretical support and guidance for digital music creation practice. Her paper, “The Comparison of Traditional Composition and Electronic Music Composition in Concepts and Techniques,” offers a detailed comparative analysis of traditional and electronic music composition. It provides music creators with an understanding and reflection on different styles and forms of music creation, and offers creative guidance and suggestions for electronic music composition.

Through a series of technological achievements and academic contributions, ZHANG Yaqiong has provided valuable experience and insights into technological innovation in the field of music creation. Her work has had a widespread impact on the music industry and injected new momentum into its development. ZHANG Yaqiong’s efforts and achievements have profoundly influenced the direction of music technology development in the digital era, inspiring more music creators to pioneer new methods of creation. With her continuous exploration and research, ZHANG Yaqiong’s contributions will continue to forge new chapters in the technology of music creation, driving progress and innovation in the industry.

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