Huizhou Zhonghai Jinchen GardenWon the iF DESIGN AWARD 2022

The iF Design Award, founded in 1953, is organized annually by the Industrial Design Forum iF Industrie Forum Design, Germany’s oldest industrial design organization. For more than 60 years, it has been one of the world’s largest and most important international design awards, due to its philosophy of “independence, rigor and reliability”.

Since 1953, iF has been playing a professional and reputable role as a design service provider in design and economics. With nearly 11,000 works submitted each year from more than 50 countries, iF aims to raise awareness of design among the general public, and to achieve this goal, iF strives to expand its communication network based on the design-related activities it has built up over the years.

The iF jury consists of 132 renowned designers from more than 20 countries, and selects the works from multiple dimensions, including product concept, form and function, differentiation, and impact. Among them, the presidium includes renowned designer Sean Carney, experienced brand strategy executive Karen Korellis Reuther and others.

This time, the work of Huizhou Zhonghai Jinchen Garden was brought by DU Wenbiao, a designer from Guangzhou, China, and his company, Guangzhou Du Wenbiao Design Co., Ltd., and its final scores were: Idea (55/100), Form (65/100), Function (70/100), Differentiation (65/100), Impact (55/100), with a total score of 310, successfully won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2022.

Speaking about the award-winning work, DU Wenbiao said, “2.5 million years ago, human ancestors walked slowly from the stone age toward us today. Stone is the carrier to record the development of human history, architecture and space are the containers of ideas and culture, and the four seasons in the south of the country are always decorated by flowers and trees. This design is mainly to use the original stone as the cultural carrier and the space as the container of ideas to interpret the soul of oriental aesthetics of floral art.”

As founder and design director, DU Wenbiao has led his company’s team to win a number of international design awards, and they will continue to lead people’s imagination in interior design and bring more design masterpieces to the world.

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